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Best Coffee Places in Chicago

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service No Comments

There is never a bad time for a good cup of coffee. Just imagine taking a Chicago limousine service to one of the best coffee places in the country, which is exactly what you can do when visiting the “Windy City”. In Chicago, great coffee shops are just as popular as restaurants and grocery stores, with many venues staying open 24/7.


Top Coffee Shops


Riding in the back of a chauffeured Chicago limousine, you and your guests can visit any one of the recommended coffee shops.


  • The Coffee Studio—This Andersonville coffee shop is amazing. Although this is a no-frills type of establishment, you will love the modern espresso bar where outstanding java is served and music is played.


  • Brew Brew Coffee Lounge—Among the different coffee places in Chicago, this is one of the favorites of the locals. In addition to traditional espresso shooters and sexy Mexican chocolate blends, you have the opportunity to experience something unique with Colombia Los Naranjos or Burundi Kirema single espressos.


  • Bridgeport Coffee—Since this coffee shop is located across from Maria’s Packaged Goods, you and your guests can enjoy two popular venues with a single ride from a Chicago limousine service. In addition to superior coffee, there are four rooms that boast free Wi-Fi, which makes the location perfect for working or entertaining clients.


  • Ipsento—Located in Bucktown, this establishment is all about the coffee. Both the Ipsento latte and Nutella mocha are simply divine, although you can enjoy other flavors, as well as delicious sandwiches.


  • Metropolis Coffee Company—This Bridgeport coffee place is something extraordinary. You will discover a cozy atmosphere and comfortable seating, as well as the famous Kyoto-style cold brew iced coffee.


  • Whispers Café—At the heart of the Viagra Triangle’s Mariano Park in Gold Coast, you’ll find this wonderful coffee place beautifully surrounded by a desert. You can enjoy European-style seating outdoors or spend time in the well-appointed interior.


  • Star Lounge Coffee Bar—Chicago limos are accustomed to taking people to this Humboldt Park location. The best way to describe this particular coffee shop is “cool.” The walls feature neon signs and bright colors that create a thriving atmosphere. Two of the favorite drinks are Unicorn Blood lattes and the Wake & Bake espresso complete with rich maple syrup.


  • Sip & Savor—In Hyde Park, this is the coffee place to visit. Among the many menu items you’ll find the Mocha Bama, named after President Barak Obama. Made from white and dark chocolate sauce, coconut syrup, pineapple, steamed milk, and two shots of espresso topped with whipped cream, it does not get any better than this.


Convenient Chicago Limo Service


Regardless of which coffee shop you decide to try, you can make the experience special for all your guests by hiring a Chicago limo company so that everyone enjoys stylish, comfortable, and safe ground transportation.

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