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If there is one thing that everyone can agree about when it comes to visiting the Windy City, then it has to be the fact that there is always something fun to do here. Chicago is renowned for being the cultural hub of Illinois, the home of the famous Chicago Bulls NBA team, and also for having some of the country's best breweries. This is why tens of thousands of people book Chicago brewery tours each year. Here at Pontarelli, we are veterans of the industry with more than four decades of experience, and we would love nothing more than the opportunity to provide you with the presidential Chicago brewery tour that you deserve!

Chicago Brewery Tours

What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we provide an extensive range of premium transportation in Chicago. We created the Pontarelli back in 1977, and since then, we have had more than enough time to perfect our Chicago limo service to a tee. Our professional chauffeurs are familiar with the best routes, and we have invested in a luxurious fleet that is available at your disposal 24/7. Book our private Chicago brewery tours, and we promise that you will not only look like a VIP but also feel like one.

As previously mentioned, Chicago is home to some of the country's most renowned breweries. Starting with the Lagunitas Brewing Company and ending with the famous Begyle Brewery, we will give you a complete tour that will allow you to explore the refreshing and delicious brews that Chicago has to offer. Stop stressing about finding the fastest routes, good parking spots, or DUIs, and let the professionals take care of everything for you. Our Chicago brewery tours are a complete package. We will come to pick you up from the comfort of your home and take you on a fantastic tour where you don't need to worry about anything else other than what brew you want to taste next.

Professional Team

Considering that the Pontarelli brand has been established as a household name for more than three decades, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we attract the best professional chauffeurs in the area. That's not all. We only hire the top candidates after performing a full background check and testing their skills behind the wheel. After all, we want to make sure that all our clients are in safe hands when riding with our Chicago brewery tours. We also equip all our premium vehicles with the latest in safety GPS technology to help our professional chauffeurs map the fastest and safest routes. You can say goodbye to running late to events because we will make sure that never happens again!

While our luxurious fleet is what makes the first impression on our clients, we believe that our professional chauffeurs are the face of our company. This is why we provide all of them with dedicated training that teaches them how to be courteous and to respect the client's privacy at all times. When riding with our Chicago car service, you are guaranteed a stress-free experience. The client testimonials on our website show that our transportation services are stellar, but you shouldn't take their word for it and instead, book our Chicago limo service today to see for yourself.

Luxurious Fleet

Ever since our inception, we made it our goal to invest in a luxurious fleet that can meet all the requests and specific demands of our clients. As a result, we provide all our clients with full access to a versatile fleet that contains luxurious vehicles such as the Chevrolet Suburban SUV and the BMW 7 Series. We also offer spacious buses, ADA buses, and coaches that are available through our Chicago shuttle service. Whether you are planning a big event or need to provide transportation to your business partners, we are the best team for the job!

Here at Pontarelli, we are a dynamic team of professionals who would be more than happy to showcase the top-quality of our Chicago shuttle service. Our ADA bus rental service is ideal for groups of 24 to 30 passengers, but if you are looking for something bigger, you can always book our coaches that can comfortably accommodate up to 57 passengers. No matter what vehicle you choose, you can be sure that they all are packed with luxury amenities and carefully maintained. Wherever you might be headed, we are here to transform all your travels into memorable journeys. We are not satisfied until each of our clients benefit from a stellar experience!

Popular Breweries in Chicago

If you are passing through Chicago and want to receive a premium tour of the local breweries, we highly recommend starting with the Half Acre Brewery Balmoral. Here is where you will find the most delicious Daisy Cutter, but that' snot all. The Half Acre Brewery Balmoral is also a great choice to visit because it has a kitchen on-site that services tasty menus of roasted meats and veggies. We highly recommend the Marz Community Brewing for all clients that book our Chicago brewery tours. The reason behind this is that the brewery offers 24 on-tap libations that include the gamut from Sparkling Lager, Berliner Weiss, and the Red Pepper Flakes.

The Half Acre Beer Company is another renowned establishment in the Chicago area that has a reputation for producing delicious craft beer. The brewery was established by none other than Gabriel Magliaro in 2006, and it offers draft-only brews that available in taprooms. In addition, the food menu is outstanding, and you are guaranteed to find something tasty to eat here. No matter what breweries you might choose to visit in Chicago, you can rely on our premium car service to provide you with safe and luxurious transportation. Our friendly customer support team is available at all hours of the day at 312-361-4111 and via email at Give us a call today, and we will create a personalized transportation plan that will exceed all your expectations.

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