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Scheduled Meetings & Events

When you have scheduled meetings and events on your itinerary, things can get pretty stressful quickly. Particularly in an unfamiliar city, it can be confusing and also time-consuming to try to navigate either crowded public transportation systems or fight over taxi service that may never come. That anxiety becomes even greater if there is a need to get groups of clients, guests, or employees to various scheduled events in a tight time frame.

If you are planning meetings or events in the Windy City, breathe a sigh of relief and call us at Pontarelli Chicago. Our courteous, knowledgeable and professional chauffeurs will take care of all of your group transportation in Chicago so that you can focus on those important events being a success. We can also provide Chicago limo service anywhere in the city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pontarelli's has the expertise to manage your ground transportation so that you and your guests get to all of your scheduled events without a hitch. We will assign a group coordinator who will ensure that everyone is picked up from and dropped off at the airport with convenience and without delay, regardless of changing flight times, delays, or even early departures. Our staff monitors every aspect so that you do not have to.

Our Chicago limousine, van, and coach services with our luxurious, well-maintained, and comfortable fleet ensure that your meetings and events have all of the necessary attendees onsite, every time. We deliver excellent service that takes the difficulty out of keeping up with even the busiest itineraries in Chicago. We can even get you to the best restaurants, cultural, and nightlife spots without the hassle of crowds or taxis, making your experience both memorable and valuable. Call us to help plan your next event.

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Event Planners

Use our event planner to streamline the meeting & event planning process. Give us the broad-strokes of your event and we will get to work on the details!

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