Our Founder

It is quite the honor to proudly say that our founder, Arthur Rento Sr. is an American hero. He was a Combat Engineer for the US Army during World War 2. During his 27 month tour he went to Normandy with the first infantry division. He then sailed to the Philippines for the Japanese invasion. While on the ship, President Truman made history with dropping the first ever atomic bomb. Japan at that time still did not know the war was over so, Rento and his fellow troops served as liberators. When Rento returned home to Chicago, he started a cab company and operated it for the next 15+ years. He then worked for the city of Chicago as an investigator. While working for the city of Chicago, he partnered with a Jerry Pontarelli and started Pontarelli Livery Service. Since Art worked for the City of Chicago, he couldn’t have his name on the business. This is why we have always proudly remained, Pontarelli Companies. In 1981, Art Sr. retired and his children and grandchildren have been operating the business ever since, for over 40 years.