Pontarelli Companies now has a new app called iGroup, it is designed to help our customers monitor all the trips in their group. Customers can download iGroup from Apple or Google and then see all the trips for that group.

Install Links: iGroup Apple   iGroup Android


So how do I set it up?

In order to use iGroup, there are a few things that have to get set up. First of all, you need to set the Group Name up for the Group (which is found, of course, in Setup under Maintain…Group Name.)

Once you have set up the Group Name, there is an iGroup tab where you can select the contact or contacts that should potentially have access to this group.


Finally, in the Contact Record of the contact, you need to turn it on by selecting “iGroup Access” in the iGroup tab. It will not work until your turn it on for each contact profile for whom you want access. This allows you to set it up in advance, and then turn on access as needed. (Note that you can also add the contact to the group here, in case you forgot when setting up the group. Simply click on iGroup Setup.)


Now, when your meeting planner wants to use iGroup, he/she just launches the app, enters your Livery company ID (the same one that’s used for Livery to Livery), and his or her own web booking username and password.


Once logged in, the customer will be able to see all the trips for whatever group or groups you have enabled.


Cost and Requirements:

Best off all iGroup is FREE for all customers.

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