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Downers Grove Limo Service

Pontarelli has grown from strength to strength in Downers Grove. We have steadily built a reputation of being the safest and most punctual limo service in Downers Grove and across DuPage County. Unlike some other limousine operators in the state, especially those based in and around Chicago, we do not bring a part of our fleet for the growing statewide presence and we do not have surcharges. Many limousine operators and other car rentals have a tendency of inflating their tariffs when they operate a fair distance away from their base. We are a reasonably priced Downers Grove limo service.   

Pontarelli has specially trained chauffeurs. They practice defensive driving at all times. It could be a short trip or a long interstate journey. You may need a ride to the airport, or it might be a sightseeing tour. All our chauffeurs are always practicing defensive driving to ensure absolute safety. Our commitment to safety is paramount. Our second most important commitment is luxury. No limo service in Downers Grove is worthwhile if you are simply traveling from some place to another. The ride has to be exquisite. You should enjoy the luxuries aboard the vehicle. The hospitality should be satisfying. You must have access to different kinds of amenities. The entire journey should be an experience to remember. Only then does riding in a limousine make sense.

We have a diverse fleet wherein you can choose more than one limousine in each class. Unlike some other car rentals and limousine operators, we do not limit your options to only one type of limousine or two. We have luxury sedans, perfect for one to three travelers. We have sport utility vehicles, ideal for small groups. Stretch limousines are sufficient for up to seven or eight people. You may choose our limo vans if you have a dozen friends or a large family. Even if you have an entourage of a hundred people, we have the fleet, the knowledge, and the experience to be the most appropriate limo service in Downers Grove. 

We are a modern company that treasures old school values of hospitality and uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an effortlessly convenient experience to all our clients. Right from the reservation to the real-time notification system, you will have all the assistance you need with our Downers Grove car service

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Downers Grove Limo Service