Charter Bus Rental Chicago

Charter Bus Rental Chicago, Illinois Can Appreciate

Securing a charter bus can come in handy for all different kinds of occasions in this life. It can help enthusiastic couples who are planning massive wedding festivities in the country. It can assist advertising companies that are planning big excursions and retreats for all their hard-working employees, too. It doesn't matter exactly why you need a charter bus, either. All that matters is that you rent one that's safe, high in quality and equipped with all of the right amenities. When you need bus rental Chicago, Illinois locals can all depend on, it's time to focus on Pontarelli. We're a renowned local business that specializes in fine ground transportation services of all varieties. We've been in existence since the seventies, too. We're on hand around the clock to help customers who are searching for top-quality limousine services. If you're looking for professionals who can cater to any and all of your transportation requests in the vast Windy City, we're accessible.

We Have a Large and Amazing Fleet

Pontarelli is a business that has an amazing and sizable fleet on its side. Our fleet is made up of all kinds of vehicle categories. People can turn to us when they're looking for buses, mini-buses, standard limousines, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), vans, high-end sedans, sedans, coaches and beyond. If you need a standard bus for private use, we can help you out. We can even cater to those who are searching for ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) buses. When you need a modern bus that's suitable for people who have disabilities of all kinds, we can come to your rescue.

We offer buses that can seat as many as 40 individuals at a time. If you need a large, airy and bright bus that can get the staff members from your company from point A to point B, we can help you out. Our buses even come with the convenience of individualized luggage compartments. Passengers, because of that, can effortlessly store any and all of their belongings. They don't have to deal with the nuisances of having their bags on the floor right in front of them.

People who rent our buses can revel in all sorts of contemporary amenities. Our buses come with features that run the gamut. Passengers can watch television shows as they travel. They can take it easy and revel in our comfortable seats as well. If you want to get a little bit of rest in prior to your arrival at your designated location, our buses are the place for you. They're ideal for soothing and revitalizing naps. They're ideal for terrific conversations with other people as well.

Passengers in our charter buses can take full advantage of handy overhead consoles, too. These consoles enable them to take charge of their own comfort levels. If you want to be able to adjust heating, air conditioning or even lighting in your section, all you have to do is pay attention to the console located right above you. It's truly simple and hassle-free.

A Helpful Shuttle Tracker

We provide our customers with the luxury of a helpful shuttle tracker. People, because of that, can remain 100 percent updated regarding vehicle GPS (Global Positioning System) location. This can save you from a lot of potential worrying. If you want a charter bus that's modern, perfectly clean and reliable, Pontarelli is the company to trust. We lavish our customers with charter bus rentals that are straightforward, convenient, pleasant, secure and safe. Our charter buses are appropriate for all kinds of applications as well. They're suitable for leisure travelers who are planning fun and exciting excursions in the Chicago area. They're suitable for business travelers who are organizing all kinds of workplace events, too.

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Are you looking for Chicago's finest, safest and most attractive charter buses? Get in touch with Pontarelli as soon as possible to find out more. We offer customers charter buses that can tend to all their requirements and requests. Call us as soon as you can to reserve a future booking. We specialize in charter bus rental Chicago can applaud.