What You Should be Doing at the Start of Every Workday

A good morning routine is essential for setting you up for a productive day, but what if you consistently struggle to get much done before the clock hits noon? Try following our tried-and-tested pointers to switch up your routine and get your productivity flowing every morning.

  • Plan your time

It might seem counter-productive when you already have a million tasks to get started on, but if you allow yourself the chance to prioritize your workload and identify the key tasks you need to accomplish you’ll give yourself a better chance to get more done. Accept the fact that you might not be able to complete every item on your to-do list and only start work on the most crucial tasks first, then check them off your list as you go along to keep motivated.

  • Put email aside

Try not to fall into the trap of checking your emails first thing and dealing with all the queries or issues that arise as a result. It is easy to lose your entire morning this way, and you won’t leave yourself any time to deal with the items that were on your to-do list originally. As these other tasks slide further back they’ll become more and more urgent until you end up with an impossible backlog of work that you’ll find incredibly difficult to get completed in the time you have left to work on it.

  • Tackle the tough jobs first

Most experts agree that tackling any difficult tasks first thing in the morning leads to much greater productivity in the rest of your workday. Most people’s minds will be much fresher and more energized in the morning hours, so force yourself to do those tricky jobs first, then you’ll feel a real sense of achievement when you can tick them off your to-do list before midday. Besides, putting off difficult tasks can lead them to fester in your mind and make it harder and harder to muster the enthusiasm to tackle them.

  • Check-in with your team or co-workers

If you manage a team then you should make it a priority to check-in with them first thing in the morning to show that you are present and approachable should they need anything. This doesn’t mean you have to hold full-scale project meetings, but try and walk by and greet members of your team, or email them to check if they need your help on that important project you know they’ve been working hard on. Likewise, it’s important to acknowledge your co-workers first thing in the morning and catch up with anything you need to know – this will help build team morale and shows that you are engaged in others’ work and willing to help out where possible.

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Posted on Mar 13 2018