Wedding Day Transportation logistics: Do's and Dont's

Wedding Day Transportation Do’s and Don’ts

The success of your wedding depends on so many factors, and one of them is transportation. Even if you choose an elegant horse-drawn carriage or a luxurious limo, you should pay attention to many details, as the transport method should be efficient and at the same time should integrate perfectly into your wedding theme.

Every bride’s nightmare is to be late ah her wedding. And every bride deserves a fabulous appearance. So, choosing the right transportation can become stressful.

But, don’t worry. We’ve gathered some do’s and don'ts of wedding transportation to make this task easier for you and the planning of your wedding a more pleasant experience.

Wedding Day Transportation Do’s

  • Include the budget for your wedding day transportation into your plan

Choosing the right wedding day transportation requires great attention both in term of setting the budget and comfort and design. Even if you want to perfectly integrate the transportation method into the entire concept of your wedding, you have to think at the budget, at your comfort and at the comfort of your guests you are providing transportation for. If you plan the transportation on time you can save a lot or, on the other hand, you may spend too much.

  • Always hire a professional company

If you think that you will reduce the budget by hiring an unknown company, you are wrong. For your peace of mind, always hire professionals, even if we are talking about the transportation company or about the photographer, the catering company, the venue.

A professional company will always offer you great services and a contract you decide together. More than that, you will decide together the routes, the prices and a professional transportation company will always handle any situation.

  • Don’t forget about your guests

Take into account who needs a ride for your wedding. Pay attention, you don’t have to hire a chauffeur for every guest, but you may have to for you parents, close relatives and friends and other important guests. First of all, decide the transportation method for the couple, for you and for your future spouse. Then, decide the transportation method for you immediate relatives – parents, siblings. The bridesmaids and groomsmen may also need a ride, so make sure they will enjoy they ride.

Wedding Day Transportation Don’ts

  • Wait for the last minute to choose the wedding day transportation method

Finding a perfect ride for your big day should be on the top of your wedding to do checklist. This way, you will pay attention to all the details, you will find a professional company, especially if you plan your wedding in peak season, when all the companies are booked.

Take your time to research, to discuss with the company’s representative, to see the fleet and to test the method you would like to choose.

Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the transportation company:

Vehicles – be creative, choose a ride that can be easily included into your wedding theme.

Contract – make sure you sign a fair contract and you are offered an insurance.

Customer oriented staff – in order to make the best decision, you have to ask many things so the company you hire should offer you all the info you need.

Trained personnel – safety is the most important thing so make sure you hire professional chauffeurs for your big day.

In order to take into consideration all these things, you will need plenty of time so make sure you don’t let this decision for the last minute.

  • Don’t take your guests into account

When deciding on the transportation method for your big day, take into account the fact that you may need to provide transportation services for some of your guests, especially for those who are not from your town. You can hire a mini bus especially for them.

If you want to offer them a great and unforgettable experience, be unique and offer them a gift – a tour of Chicago, Maybe they are for the first time in the Windy City and they are here especially for your big day, not to visit the city so they will be certainly pleased by your little gift.

  • Forget the written agreement

Always, but always, sign a written agreement with the professionals you are hiring for you wedding. For your peace of mind, when hiring the transportation service for the big day, take into account the following things to include in the contract:

-    The model of the vehicle;

-    Total cost of the service;

-    Deposits required;

-    Refunds;

-    Locations and route;

Pontarelli is here to offer you the best transportation method for your big day. We understand how important is transportation for you in the most beautiful day of your life so take your big day to the next level and hire a top transportation service.

To integrate perfectly into the theme of your wedding, we will take care of car decorations.

For us, your safety and your comfort are the most important!

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Posted on Jul 19 2016