Travel Tips: Making the Most of Your Flight Delay

chicago limoUnfortunately, flight delays are a normal part of airline travel. While some delays are minimal, others can last hours. Especially when traveling on business, the last thing you want to do is waste time sitting around for your flight to leave. However, while you are forced to wait, you might as well make the most of your time. Here are our best travel tips on making the most of your flight delays.

Dealing with a Delay

  • Get Some Exercise – Most airports are quite large, even inside of security. Therefore, you have plenty of space to take a nice walk. Of course, walking also offers health benefits and it is both physically and mentally rejuvenating.

  • Charge Electronics – As you wait for your flight to depart, this is the perfect time to locate a charging station to get all your electronics juiced up. That way, once you land at your destination everything is fully charged.

  • Reorganize – If it looks like your plane will be delayed for some time, take the opportunity to log into your cloud account to organize documents. This time can also be spent to review and executive documents as needed or edit uploaded photos and videos.

  • Take Photographs – There are always interesting people and things to see at airports so using your cell phone camera, start snapping. You may need to be covert when taking a person’s photo but if you can catch a moment, you will have some amazing stories to tell and images to share.

  • Try New Applications – You can also spend your time trying out some new mobile applications. For instance, by visiting the Google PlayStore, you can learn about different apps, see images, read reviews, and in some instances, watch videos. Remember, a downloaded application can always be uninstalled if you decide it is not something you will use.

  • Finalize Expenses and Other Reports – If your delay occurred on your way back from a business trip, use the downtime to finalize any reports to include expenses. As a result, everything is already done when you arrive back at the office.

Eliminating Stress

After sitting in an airport for a long time due to a delayed flight, the last thing you want to deal with is hailing a cab or riding in a crowded bus to the hotel. While delayed, contact a limousine company to arrange for a chauffeur so you can walk out of the airport and directly into a beautiful vehicle with no stress or hassle.

Posted on Aug 19 2015