Travel Tips: How to Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones When You Travel

Being away from home can be really hard. If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, keeping up with your loved ones back come can be really challenging. Sometimes, you can miss out on a special occasion if you are away from home all the time, and this is not pleasant at all. While there is not always easy to keep in touch with family and friends when traveling, we have put together some tips to give you some great ideas for how to stay in touch with your loved ones when you travel.

Video call

Nowadays, there are so many apps that allow you to video chat with your loved ones wherever you are - Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts are just some of the most popular apps, and whatever device you are using, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone you can use these apps on them. While video calling uses a large amount of data, try to use Wi-Fi as much as possible wherever you can. If this is not possible, try to schedule the video calls when you are at the hotel.

Use social media

Messaging services such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp have exploded in popularity in the last years. Easy to use, fast and free, you can download these apps and you will stay connected with your loved ones. More than that, you can update your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with photos from your trip to share your travel experience with the people back home, so your loved ones will know where you are.

Use the email

If you are traveling for business, you are surely overusing the email, so why not email your friends and family, too? This is a great way to stay in touch while you are on a trip. You can write even a group message to friends and family members and this will allow you to keep in touch with those that matter most and will save you some time while you’re busy.

Send a letter

Even if this is old school, given the advanced technologies available nowadays, in some situations it can be a unique way to connect. If you are sending important information that requires a fast answer, then you should consider sending an SMS. If you are reaching out to a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while, witting a letter can be an intimate experience that will relax you.

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Posted on Jan 29 2019