Travel Tips: 7 Ways to Unwind While Traveling

chicago limo serviceFeeling stressed while traveling is a common occurrence. If you travel often, spend a significant amount of time in meetings, or follow extremely busy schedules while on the road, you need options for unwinding. In addition to helping you focus, be more productive, and enjoy the time away from home, unwinding is better for your health overall. Here are our best travel tips for relaxation while traveling:

  1. Exercise - One of the most effective ways to unwind is with exercise. Going on walks or jogs, participating in a yoga or a Pilates class, spending time in the hotel fitness center, even doing push-ups or jumping rope in your room will help. Along with all the health benefits that come from exercise, this is a great way to clear the mind and wear the body out so you sleep better.

  1. Appropriate Rest – Along with regular nighttime sleep, consider a nap during the day. Even if you only have 30 minutes, take the time to get a quick nap. Multiple studies have been performed and show a short nap is great for unwinding and rejuvenating the mind and body.

  1. Take an Electronic Break – While harder than it sounds, you can unwind is by taking a break from your cell phone, tablet, computer, and other electronic devices. By going completely off the grid to read a book, snorkel, shop, or something else, even for a few hours, you will unwind.

  1. Listen to Music – Music touches the soul so if you feel stressed or anxious, listening to music is the perfect way to unwind. Whether this consists of listening to your iPad, putting a good CD in the stereo, or going to a quiet environment for jazz, blues, rock, or another preferred music genre, you will physically feel the difference.

  1. Proper Nutrition – When traveling it is easy to overlook the importance of proper nutrition. However, to help unwind, good nutrition is essential. Something as simple as sitting down in a nice restaurant for a great meal and glass of fine wine opposed to grabbing fast food will go a long way.

  1. Serene Location – When waiting for your flight to leave, find areas within the airport that are quiet and serene. One place usually overlooked is the airport chapel.

  1. People Watch – Another way to unwind while at the airport is to people watch. By focusing on happy reunions among other passengers, you will find yourself feeling calm.

Enjoyable Ground Transportation

For trips to and from the airport, hotel room, meetings, and local sights, you can also unwind by leaving all the ground transportation needs to a hired chauffeur.

Posted on Sep 10 2015