Traits of an amazing Chauffeur

Characteristics of an Amazing Chauffeur

A chauffeur can transform an event into an enjoyable experience or a disaster. A good chauffeur is more than just a simple driver no matter if he is taking the wedding guests at the restaurant, a businessman at his next meeting or a group of students to their prom party.

A professional chauffeur is as important as a good vehicle when talking about limousine companies.

In the next lines, we are going to share with you the most valuable characteristics of a good chauffeur, features that all our professional drivers at Pontarelli Chicago limo service share in order to offer you a great experience.

  1. A good time manager

No matter the destination, is always important to arrive on time, especially if you are on a business trip and the schedules are very tight. This means that a professional chauffeur should arrive at the established pick point 10 – 15 minutes earlier.

  1. Well educated

A professional chauffeur is well educated and he will always treat with hospitality all his clients, even though some of them are really demanding or difficult. A professional chauffeur will always open/close the door for the passenger, help the client get out of the car and he will always pay attention even to the smallest details in order to meet every client’s needs and expectations.

  1. A good mechanic

You would say a professional chauffeur must be a good psychologist since he interacts with so many people, but he must also know some mechanic basics so he can fix small issues without altering your schedule.

  1. A pleasant appearance

Personal appearance and hygiene are two vital aspects that every chauffeur must take into account. A good chauffeur will respect the industry’s dress code, will always take care of hispersonal look and hygiene.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude

In this industry, attitude is everything. A good chauffeur will always maintain a positive attitude, in any circumstances and his goal will always to offer his clients a pleasant ride. More than that, a good chauffeur will know how to manage difficult situations.

  1. Knowing local landmarks

As the main purpose of a professional chauffeur is to get you to your destination, he must be familiar with the city’s landmarks and offer his clients important information about points of interest: main attractions, events, concerts and even hotels or restaurants. He will always use a GPS.

  1. High quality fleet

A professional chauffeur will always take care of his fleet. He will make sure that the vehicle he is driving looks good, smells good and sounds good. The vehicle he is driving is regularly serviced and cleaned in order to offer the clients a comfortable and safe trip.

  1. Responsible

Safety is the first priority for a good chauffeur, and he takes responsibility for his clients’ safety and knows that their lives are literally in his hands. A professional chauffeur will always respect the road laws, he will drive carefully. More than that, he has to pass several tests at all times in order to maintain his chauffeur license.

  1. Excellent Customer Care

A professional driver will always pay attention to details, he will always salute, make eye contact, open and hold the doors, and help you with your luggage.

The pillar of our Limousine Service is represented by the people at your service – from the customer service representative to the limo chauffeur. We want you to have a great experience.

At Pontarelli Limousine Service, people make the difference.

Our limousine chauffeurs know that superior service sets us apart from the competition. They pay attention to every detail in a client’s itinerary and use their detailed knowledge of local routes and traffic patterns to provide a safe and timely trip. Plus, if you need advice about where to dine, shop or the nearest bagel shop, trust our chauffeurs to make it their business to know the best places in the cities they service.

By maintaining the highest level of accountability for all of our limousine chauffeurs worldwide, we can guarantee your comfort, safety and security. Performance levels are evaluated daily. All Pontarelli limousine chauffeurs undergo extensive and ongoing safety and customer service training. We conduct background checks, examine motor vehicle record reports, and have mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

Posted on Jul 26 2016