Top Tips to Make your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

You’ve got the skills and experience to finally land that dream job, but when you submit your resume how do you make sure it grabs the attention of the recruiter? When competition is high, here’s how to make sure your resume jumps out from the rest and gets you noticed…

  • Use a professional design

Nothing is more off-putting to a recruiter than a poorly designed resume.

Rather than struggling with the formatting quirks of Word yourself, why not try a template that will allow you to drop in your own personal information to the existing layout for a sleek, professional look. There are many great examples of expertly designed templates for purchase on sites such as Etsy, which can also give your resume a more individual twist.

  • Break it up with bullet points

Rather than burying your skills and experience in an impenetrable wall of text, make sure you use some short, sharp, bulleted lists so that recruiters can easily identify and pick out the key points without having to spend time searching within wordy paragraphs – or not even bothering to look at all!

  • Tailor it to the job description

Don’t just submit your generic resume to every job you apply to – make sure it is organized in such a way that your key skills, experience, and qualifications, as they relate to the job description, jump out to the recruiter immediately. This might mean re-ordering or perhaps completely re-writing, but it is well worth investing time in this in order to give you the best possible chance of standing out.

  • Quantify your claims

Don’t just regurgitate a list of skills that you think the recruiter wants to see – prove to them why you would be the right fit for the role with specific and measurable information. Many job seekers overlook this advice when putting together their resume, so if you can present relevant and effective evidence for your suitability for the role then it’ll make your resume stand out clearly to recruiters.

  • Write a professional statement

Use the first section of your resume to give an overview of your professional skills and achievements. It needn’t be long, maybe only a couple sentences, but it should address some of the key requirements of the role so that a recruiter can quickly see why you would be suitable right off the bat. Remember to keep it truthful and relevant, however – you want to impress but you also want to be realistic. Mention career aspirations here too, so that recruiters can see you have clear goals for the future.

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Posted on Mar 27 2018