Top Tips for Restful Air Travel

Every step of air travel, from check-in to arrivals, has the potential to be highly fraught, with anything from long lines at security, flight delays and screaming babies all contributing to your stress levels.

Follow our tips below to make sure you can enjoy some well-earned rest during the process of air travel.


Book a hotel

If you have a long layover or are significantly delayed, it could be worth investing in a hotel room to get some rest while you wait. Look for easy options close to the airport or on-site – the last thing you want is to struggle to make it back to the airport in time for your flight. There are now many airports offering ‘sleeping pod’ style hotels, where you can pay by the hour to relax in your own small private room which can be a much more affordable and convenient way to catch up on some sleep before your flight.


Invest in noise canceling headphones

Good noise canceling headphones can be a lifesaver if you are a frequently traveler, allowing you to block out the ambient noise around you and create a more restful experience. Make sure you do your research though – noise canceling headphones work by creating an inverse sound wave to the background noise they pick up, but cheaper pairs with less sophisticated technology could actually make the problem worse. It is also worth bearing in mind that not every noise can be canceled out by these clever bits of kit – they work far better for the hum of an aircraft engine rather than the random screaming of a baby.


Bring a good book

One of the best ways of relaxing while you travel is to get lost in a good book. It is not always possible to take the time to sit for hours with an enthralling novel or biography in our everyday lives, so take advantage of the downtime that travel brings. You’ll discover that reading a book that you find entertaining and engaging will focus and calm your mind, so you arrive at your destination feeling tranquil and refreshed.



It’s no secret that traveling business or first class is a more restful experience than being stuck at the back of the economy section by the bathrooms. Particularly if you have a lengthy flight, you should consider upgrading – not only will you have more space but you will be served food and drink more quickly and have access to a whole host of other perks, depending on the airline. First and business class cabins tend to be much quieter and less crowded, but if you don’t want to pay the high fees, consider an upgrade to premium economy or even an exit row seat that will at least give you a little more leg room to stretch out.


Use a car service

Ensure a restful onward travel experience by booking our Chicago airport shuttle, so you don’t add further stress to your journey waiting in line for buses or rental cars with other weary travelers. It will give you peace of mind to know that our reliable, professional chauffeurs will be waiting for you, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable onward journey.

Posted on Oct 03 2017