Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Conference Time

Conferences are a fantastic way to connect with colleagues and discover the latest trends and challenges within your industry, but it can be hard to know how to navigate the maze of information and take advantage of the opportunities on offer. Follow our top tips below to make the most of your time during your next conference experience.


We all know conferences are a great way to connect with others in a physical space, so take advantage of this by reaching out to companies or colleagues beforehand and arranging to meet face-to-face. It is often possible to access a list of delegates and exhibitors so you can see exactly who will be in attendance. You can then more carefully consider whom you’d like to connect with for the benefit of your business.

Join the debate

Of course, the personal, face-to-face aspect of a conference is one of the main benefits, but at many events it is now possible to join in a lively debate with colleagues via social media too. For example, many individuals will live Tweet during a conference speech, and you can join in the discussion by finding the relevant hash tag (often formally set up by conference organizers) to link with and respond to others in real time. Make sure your social media accounts are up-to-date and ready to use before the event to avoid any last minute stress.

Get ahead

Make sure you thoroughly research individuals and companies who will be in attendance so you are clued up and can take full advantage of any opportunity to meet or discuss relevant topics at the conference itself – you’ll give yourself the best chance of making a good impression and a lasting connection.

Plan your day

Take time to carefully plan out your day and use any downtime between talks to make your way around the stands you really want to visit. If there are speeches going on at the same time it makes sense to find out beforehand so you can do your research and decide which would be the most interesting and beneficial to you and avoid a panicked decision on the day.

Take notes

Although you might think you’ll remember every detail of that inspiring keynote speech, you’d be surprised how much information leaks out of your mind before you’ve had the chance to implement anything you’ve learnt. Jotting down a few notes during a conference speech can’t hurt, and it can also help to cement ideas in your mind even if you never look back over what you wrote down on paper. It’s also useful to find out if any conference events or speeches are being recorded for live streaming so you can look back on them later as a reminder.

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Posted on Sep 12 2017