Top 5 Theaters in Chicago

It is not by chance that Chicago has been chosen the Best Big City in the US for the sixth time in a row. Its original architecture, fine dining restaurants, numerous museums, and countless entertaining events inspire and turn it into the dream city of any art lover. Stepping aside the fame and the glitter, Chicago has many vivid theatres where you can enjoy ballet, live dancing, and some of the most famous plays performed right before your eyes. Feel the thrill and spend your afternoon attending a show at one of the best theatres in Chicago – we promise you will have the time of your life.


If you’ve ever watched a movie staged in Chicago, you cannot help but immediately recognize the Chicago Theatre's iconic luminous sign. The theatre opened in 1921 and was the first and greatest movie auditorium in the US, ultimately perpetuating itself as the city's defining symbol. Gracefully designed after the Royal Chapel in Versailles and highly admired for its French Baroque architecture, the theater’s 3600 seats warmly host nowadays musicals, comedy shows, improvs, orchestras, and many more. If you find yourself in Chicago, don’t overlook it: its unique vibes cannot be felt elsewhere.


If your steps lead you to Chicago in December, then the Goodman is a must-stop for enjoying Charles Dickens’ masterpiece ‘A Christmas Carol’. Annually running since the 1970s, this classical play became a genuine tradition and brings Christmas goodness and kindness to everyone stepping into its magical universe. Being the oldest active non-profit theater in Chicago, throughout the year it hosts not only conventional but also contemporary works, encouraging different kinds of artists to leave their mark on the city’s cultural life.


If ‘classic’ is your strength, then Court Theater is the place to be. Founded in 1955, it is highly praised for finding, adapting, and expanding American classics, bringing on stage lost or forgotten masterpieces, and inviting the audience to enjoy their contemporary reinterpretation. But classic does not mean boring, and this Tony-award-winning professional theater knows it very well. It remains relevant by welcoming everyone willing to redefine the classical American culture on stage.


Opened on New Year’s Day in 1906, this theater features stunning architecture, being the first venue in Chicago to cost over one million dollars. It was worth every penny: its walls hosted great vaudeville plays and stunning performances by Harry Houdini and Lily Langtry. The audience marveled at Julie Andrews playing in ‘Victor/Victoria’. It is now your turn to enjoy a great cabaret show or rediscover the cherished old classical ‘Cats’, flawlessly updated for the newer generations.


Another Tony Award winner for Outstanding Regional Theater, the Lookingglass is far from what we might call traditional or conventional. In fact, this avant-garde landmark is the exact opposite, just as its name and motto suggest. Its interactive performances encourage the audience to activate all their senses and, at the end of the show, feel ‘changed, charged and empowered’. Innovation is the key, so don’t miss this great opportunity and attend one of its many eccentric premieres – you might discover a better self.

It is not exactly Broadway, but the Chicago theater stage is an important cornerstone of the city. Its diversity, innovation, and originality will reveal to you an unknown face of this defining culture. And since going to the theatre is a cultural act worth being performed in style, choose the right play to cater to your taste and book our professional car service to get you there properly. Our courteous chauffeurs will drive you there safely and on time, patiently waiting to get you home when the night is over. Don’t worry about parking spaces or driving on lesser-known routes to avoid heavy traffic – we got you covered. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Posted on Nov 24 2022