Top 5 Best Breweries in the Chicago Area

If you have visited Chicago at least once, you definitely know that people love their craft beers there. They take it so seriously that Chicago is now home to more than 200 breweries located throughout the city and suburbs. This is a booming industry because tourists from all over the country visit Windy City for brewery tours. If you are planning a brewery tour for your friends and want to find out the best places to visit in the area, you have arrived at the right place. Here are the top 5 best breweries in Chicago:

#1 Marz Community Brewing

The Marz Community Brewing is one of Chicago's most unique spots, and there is no doubt about that. The brewery houses an arcade and offers more than 20 on-tap brews that you can have at any hour of the day. What's great about Marz Community Brewing is the fact that it also offers a fantastic food menu. Starting with the famous Chicago pizzas and ending with pasta, you are guaranteed to find something you like.

#2 Solemn Oath Brewing

The Solemn Oath Brewing recently arrived in Chicago, coming from Naperville, and it's already one of the most popular breweries in the area. The reason behind this is that the folks at Solemn Oath Brewing provide a wide range of draft beers, spritzes, and cans that will blow your taste buds away. The design of the brewery is impressive, featuring wood paneling and framed vintage paintings. You can also find cans of City Water (the brewery's trademark hard seltzer) that is famed for its delicious taste.

#3 Whiner Beer Company

If you are looking for something a bit more European when it comes to craft beers, you will love it at the Whiner Beer Company. The taproom here doesn't focus on the classic IPAs or stouts and instead, it gives people the chance to taste sour and Belgian beers. Whiner Beer Company has unique brews such as Kölsch (Et La Tête), for example, which is made with apple infusion. If you enjoy rare brews, Whiner Beer Company is definitely a spot you want to visit.

#4 Half Acre Beer Company

Half Acre Beer Company was founded back in 2006, and it holds the title of being one of the innovators of the brewing industry in Chicago. What makes the Half Acre Beer Company stand out, other than its rich history, is the massive 60,000-square-foot facility that it offers. The place is huge, and despite that, you will always have trouble finding a table. This shows that the brews they make at the Half Acre Beer Company are worth it!

#5 Revolution Brewing

Do you like the TV show "Drinking Buddies"? If yes, then you might recognize the interior of Revolution Brewing. The stars of the show work at the Revolution Brewing. Nonetheless, this is an excellent brewery that specializes in barrel-aged beers. As a result, you can be sure that you will always find delicious craft brews whenever you visit Revolution Brewing.

Posted on May 12 2022