Top 2017 Travel Apps to boost your productivity

Smartphones have changed the way people approach every aspect of their lives. Millions of people wake up every morning to the sound of their phone. As they commute to work, people use their phone to guide them safely to their destination. Throughout the day, people use their phone to keep track with friends, family, and clients. Smartphones are changing the world, and they can even change the way we travel. There are several powerful travel apps that will make your trips more exciting and efficient.


  1. Sidekix

Travel is an exciting experience, but it can also be very confusing. When you first land you will have no idea where to eat or even get a cup of coffee. Sidekix takes the confusion out of every trip. This exploration app provides users with a list of museums, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants throughout the area. The app uses your location, so it always has a nearby recommendation. Sidekix ensures that you will always have a great place to hang out.


  1. MyTSA

Business travelers work at a rapid pace, but an unexpected delay can ruin the day. Fortunately, information about delays is easily available through the MyTSA app. The MyTSA app calculates wait times for security checkpoints throughout the United States. With this app on your side, you can easily plan your trip to the airport.


  1. Cafe Wifi

Travelers never want to be too far away from a wi-fi hotspot. The next hotspot is vital for sending work-related emails or check in with family members. If you want to access the closest wi-fi hotspot, then you need Cafe WiFi. Cafe WiFi makes accessing the internet easy. The app uses user inputs to map out all of the free wifi hotspots throughout the world. Regardless of where you are traveling, you can easily find the internet access you need.


  1. Guides by Lonely Planet

Visiting a new city does not have to be confusing. This new app from Lonely Planet will make you feel like a local in any city. You can download a guide before you get into the new city. The Lonely Planet app features numerous budget travel recommendations and numerous quirky restaurant reservations. Lonely Planet wants you to have a great time during your stay, so they are known for providing their users with sightseeing opportunities and a chance to truly enjoy the cities they visit. The Guides app is extremely comprehensive, allowing users to truly enjoy every city they visit. You will find popular international and domestic destinations throughout the app.

Having the right apps on your side can really improve your travel experience. They can ensure you get to your flight on time, find the right coffee shop, and have easy access to the internet. Unfortunately, no phone app can ensure you get safely to your home or hotel. Fortunately, there is a tool that can get you to your destination with ease. The rightChicago car service will get you to your hotel easily. Type in "limo service Chicago" and find the right car service for you.

Posted on Feb 28 2017