Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Illness While Traveling

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

When we travel, we usually take contact with new persons, places, foods and keeping healthy on the road is sometimes very tough. For example, in the airport or even in the plane, you expose yourself to a wide range of germs, and if your immune system is weak due to fatigue, stress, you will get sick very soon.

As an old proverb says, it’s always better to prevent than to cure, so here we’ve gathered some tips to avoid getting sick when traveling, no matter if you are on a family trip, or on a business one.

Wash hands and use antibacterial products

Even if washing hands sounds silly as you do this on a regular basis, when travelling you have to pay attention to this and wash your hands more frequently to stop spreading the germs your hands got contact with and thus avoid getting the flu or gastroenteritis.

If don’t have where to wash your hands, then make sure you always have an antibacterial product (wet wipes or gel).

Drink water, bottled water!

In order to avoid getting sick, is very important to stay hydrated all the time. Dehydration lowers your immune system so the risks of getting sick increases. Even if hydration is important, make sure you drink bottled water to avoid contamination, especially if you don’t know many things about the local tap water.

Avoid eating fast food

One of the biggest health problems of travelers is diarrhea due to food contamination. Even if that airport fast food seems a good idea to grab a snack, it is not, especially if you have a sensible stomach. If you are not sure what you eat until you arrive at a trusted restaurant, eat a granola bar to fill your belly a little bit.

Avoid people

Yes, it sounds strange, but in busy places, such as airports, it is better to find a less crowded space to avoid catching a nasty cold that could ruin your trip.

Other tips:

  • Avoid touching filthy areas – doors’ push bars, food court tables, airplane seats and the seats in the waiting rooms, toilet seats. But if it happens to touch a filthy area, avoid touching your face or your lips.
  • Pack your pills – if you know you suffer from motion sickness, then your motion sickness pills should be on the checklist. Also, pack some painkillers, some cough drops, a nasal spray and some vitamins. They will help.
  • Don’t miss sleep – sleep deprivation lowers your immune system and increases the chances of getting sick. More than that, sleep deprivation kills your productivity and your attention ability so if you are on a business trip, is a bad idea to miss your sleep hours.

Very important tip

Never ride in vehicles that smell bad and are filthy, as you can get sick very soon.

In order to enjoy a pleasant trip, without unexpected situations such a nasty flu, choose a proper ground transportation method that doesn’t put your health in danger.

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Posted on Jul 12 2016