Tips to Make Your Next Business Trips Go More Smoothly

fatigue, travel, delayed, flight, travellerWhen your job requires you to travel on a regular basis, it pays to develop a system that will help you get the most out of your trips. You don’t want to overdo it while traveling. Here are some tips to help make your future trips go smoother and.

Use the Same Airlines and Hotels Consistently Whenever Possible

When you first began traveling for work, you might have switched from one air carrier to the next and never stayed in the same hotel chain twice. If you are consistent and try to stick with one airline and one major hotel chain as much as possible, you will have an easier time. The employees will start to become accustomed to you and your particular needs, which means your future trips will go much more smoothly.

Don’t Work Yourself Too Hard

Time is scarce and your company has paid a lot to get you on an airplane to meet with business contacts. You might be tempted to work much harder than you usually do to maximize your firm’s ROI. However, if you overdo it, you may find that your efforts are less effective.

Strive for balance between work and personal time and make sure that you can take in some sights or enjoy some unique entertainment during your down time in the new city.

Tennis Balls for Muscle Stimulation During Flights

After you’ve been sitting for a long period in the cabin, your muscles might start getting sore. You can’t always get up to stretch your legs and walk around. Many seasoned travelers have stumbled upon a simple but effective idea: Take a tennis ball onboard the plane and roll it under your feet to help keep your muscles moving and stimulated.


Don’t forget recovery time after the trip. Make arrangements with your company so you can take a day off when you get back to help you readjust to your home city’s time zone and recuperate from all the hard work you did.


Another great way to have a smooth and productive trip is to take advantage of the skills of a professionally trained chauffeur who will take you to and from your destinations in a stylish limousine while you can read, relax or return your phone and email messages.

Posted on Feb 20 2015