Tips for Keeping Your Tech Safe while You Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, technology is your best friend. From smartphones to laptops, to tablets and beyond, there is now a whole range of portable technology that you can easily bring with you on your trip. However, there is always a risk factor when transporting these high value-items, so make sure you follow our hints and tips to keep them safe.


Don’t be vulnerable to thieves

Although technological innovation has made it possible to easily transport powerful, valuable devices wherever you go, it also makes it possible for thieves to steal them and avoid detection. Make sure you remain vigilant when you are traveling and never leave any bag unattended. Keep an eye on your luggage while you are browsing in a store or when you’re in the bathroom, and never leave your smartphone unattended at a charge point, even if you are just heading to the coffee shop across the concourse.


Protect them with a case

The cracked smartphone or tablet screen can be a real inconvenience when you’re traveling, as well as costly to fix, so make sure you protect them with a robust case – ideally something that is waterproof and shatters resistant. Also, consider a similarly sturdy case to store your laptop when traveling to give you peace of mind. That soft case may work OK for transporting it from your car to your office but can it stand up to rough airport baggage handlers?


Get them insured

Make sure all your tech is fully covered on your insurance policy. You may have homeowners insurance that covers portable devices outside of the home or travel insurance that covers damage to tech but make sure you check the terms carefully. Damage or theft of technology while you travel is common, so make sure your policy is fully comprehensive to save you paying over the odds to cover any excess.


Carry on as much as you can

While your tech is likely to be well protected in your checked baggage, it is useful to take as much as you can in your carry-on so that you can keep an eye on it and ensure that it does not suffer any unnecessary damage or theft. You’ll also most likely need to use your portable devices while you are in the process of traveling, so it makes sense to keep them with you wherever you can.


Pack carefully

Just a bit of extra time spent packing your valuable technology can make a huge difference. Laptop going in your checked bag? Put it in a sturdy case and make sure it’s in the center of your bag surrounded by clothing to form a soft cushion against over-enthusiastic baggage handlers.

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Posted on Sep 26 2017