Tips for Trying to Fly Out During a Snow Storm

limo service chicago, chicago limo, shuttle service chicagoAs most travelers know, flying out of the area has been complicated somewhat due to the ever-present threat of snow. The problem is, of course, that if you're booking travel for the next couple of months, you really won't know whether snow may fall during that time; it's impossible to predict how harsh the weather will be in advance. So here are some tips to potentially deal with trips that may or may not occur during the snow fall.

Get a driver to and from the airport. A driver is always convenient, but more so in winter weather; the last thing you want to do is be navigating over black ice and snow while you're rushing to get to the airport. You also don't want to leave your car in such harsh weather, even within the airport parking lot. Accidents happen more frequently in snow and you could come back to a damaged vehicle.

Always get travel insurance. It's important to remember that air travel companies are not responsible for reimbursing you or compensating you if there is a cancelation or a delay due to weather. Weather-related cancelations are considered acts of nature. Travel insurance is the only way that you will be able to be compensated for weather-related flight issues.

Try to fly at the beginning of the day. When weather-related issues delay flights, it causes a cascade effect with each subsequent flight being delayed more. Due to this phenomenon, even if the weather is the same in the morning, you're still more likely to get out of the airport sooner at the beginning of the day.

Always react quickly to any delays. The moment you see that your flight has been delayed, you should be on the phone trying to make arrangements. Flights are often first come first serve, so the passengers who are quickest to react will be the quickest to leave the airport.

Don't forget that you can try to delay a trip if the weather seems to be turning harsh. It's often best to delay the trip early rather than wait until it's been canceled or delayed, because it will be easier to shift your schedule around.

Posted on Jan 28 2015