Tips and Tricks for Creating a Positive Impression in Potential High Ticket Clients

limo service chicago, shuttle service, chicago limoCurrying the favor of high ticket clients can take a lot of effort but it's always worth it. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to create a positive first impression.

Remain Well-Dressed At All Times

Are you traveling to meet with a client? Board the plane in your best suit. If there are any delays and you need to rush into a meeting, you don't want to be caught in your casuals. Always be well-dressed even if you're only doing a preliminary meet-and-greet with your client's staff; you could run into them!

Don't Bet on Risky Travel Options

There are few things that will torpedo your chances as quickly as being late to a meeting. Don't put your livelihood into the hands of a taxi service or a rental car; you may end up waiting longer than you expect or getting lost in unfamiliar territory. A chauffeured service will be able to get you where you're going on time and will give a positive impression!

Always Do Your Research

Never fly in blind. Learn everything you can about the client you're meeting with before you arrive. Let the client know that you have been reading their corporate blog, that you saw them on their professional social media account or that you saw a press release regarding a recent business deal. This will show that you have a genuine interest.

Create a "Neural Net" of Topics

If you create a script regarding how your conversation with a client will go, you'll get tripped up every time. Real people are unpredictable and your client may deviate from your plotted course. Instead create a neural network; a selection of related talking points that you can retreat to if you feel a lull in the conversation or if you encounter a question that you can't immediately answer.

Don't Be Afraid of the Silence

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get nervous enough that you start babbling. Silence tends to do this to people and extremely savvy businesswomen and businessmen will take advantage of this fact. They may simply pause after asking a particularly loaded question and wait for you to reveal any flaws. Answer the questions you're asked and then wait--silence is not a bad thing. Likewise, think about each question before you answer.

If anything does come up during your business trip don't be afraid to address it openly and honestly. By acknowledging issues quickly you will show your clients that you aren't afraid to address difficult problems.

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Posted on Jul 10 2014