The Pros and Cons of Renting a Car versus Hiring a Chauffeured Service

renting a car versus limousineCar Renting vs. Chauffeured Service Hiring: Pros and Cons

If you travel a lot but you don’t own a vehicle, you can chose from several transportation options. Two of the most popular and comfortable possibilities are renting a car and hiring a chauffeured service.

Choosing to get behind the wheel or to be driven around by a chauffeur depends on your preferences, but also on the purpose of your journey. For example, if you are on a family trip, you would want to take the control so hiring a car is the best solution for you, but when you are on a business travel and you want more privacy and less stress, choosing the chauffeured service seems a better transportation option, taking into account the advantages of the reputable limos in Chicago.

Choosing the best transportation option will make a difference to your journey, no matter its purpose, so here are some pros and cons of car renting an chauffeured service hiring.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

At a first glance it seems that renting a car is cheaper, especially for a longer trip. But think about the hidden costs – fuel, extra taxes for insurance, licensing fees. you may find yourself paying double than the initial price.

When hiring a chauffeured service you pay an affordable price and everything is included. You don’t have to worry about extra costs, just enjoy your trip. With Chicago limo you spend less money than with a rental car.

  1. Safety

You have to assume many risks when driving in a new and unfamiliar city so why transform your trip into a burden when you can enjoy your ride in a comfortable, safety car driven by a professional driver?

Renting a car means assuming many responsibilities, especially in a busy city, even though you are an experienced driver. You are not familiar with the new car so you may face many difficulties.

By choosing a chauffeured service you avoid all this stress as a professional driver and the company are responsible for your safety and privacy.

  1. Comfort

Have you ever thought what if you break down in the middle of nowhere in your rental car? Take into account that you don’t know how fast you are going to get help. You may also need to pay for the reparation or you will have to wait several hours or days until you get a new car.

This is not the case for a hired chauffeured service. Reputable Chicago limousine companies maintain a superior fleet and breakdowns are very rare.

The limo driver is more than just a driver and he will always make sure that your car is perfectly functional and you will have the guarantee of an incidents-free, luxuriant journey.

  1. Efficiency

Think about the following situation: you are on a business trip and you have to work almost… all the time. When hiring a limousine you have your own chauffeur that drives for you while you can actually work on your projects, on your presentation for the next meeting you are heading to, or you can simply relax and enjoy the view.

How to Choose the Right Limo Company

With so many companies to pick from, choosing the right limo service can be a difficult task.

Here are some tips on choosing the best limo service company to fit your needs:

  • Choose a company that has years of experience – make sure that the company’s chauffeurs are well-trained and have years of experience behind.
  • Check for safety – when choosing the limo company ask about safety standards and if the company refuses to provide that, this is not the company you would like to work with.
  • Check references and reviews from customers – the best way to learn about a service is to check out reviews from customers that have already used that service.
  • Check the fleet – make sure the vehicles are well-maintained, clean and comfortable.


Posted on Jan 06 2016