The FUGU Luggage Line Can Help You Travel More Efficiently

limo service chicago, chicago limoAs a busy traveler who must fly quite often for business, you want to maximize your time wherever you can so you can be as productive as possible. Wasting time with your luggage means you have less time to prepare for your meetings or go over a new contract.

With that in mind, a company called FUGU Luggage recently launched a new, versatile suitcase that can go from carryon size to full-size check in dimensions. It also will work as a closet or a table in your hotel room.

FUGU luggage obtained its financing through a successful crowdfunding effort on the Kickstarter platform and received $433,684 in pre-order funding from more than 1,500 backers. Now that the Kickstarter campaign is concluded, people can continue to pre-order FUGU baggage from the company’s website.

FUGU got its name from the pufferfish that can dramatically expand its body size by filling up with water, scaring off predators. The FUGU luggage also can easily change its size. You can expand it from 52cm by 39cm by 19cm in its carryon form to 52cm by 39cm by 75cm, almost doubling in height. Despite the expandable nature of the design, the FUGU suitcase is tough enough to survive being knocked around by the airport crew and the cabin pressure changes while in flight. It is made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic bound with strong polyester strings.

When you reach your hotel room, you can use the FUGU suitcases’ included shelving so you can use it as a handy storage unit and keep your items well organized. You can even use the FUGU as a stand or portable table that’s strong enough to hold your laptop. This is useful both in the hotel and in the airport waiting area.

At home, the FUGU luggage won’t take up as much space as conventional baggage because you can collapse it so it’s only one-third of its working size.

The easier it is for our customers to manage their clothing and other items during business trips, the more productive they will be. The team at Pontarelli hopes this information about FUGU luggage will inspire them to find the baggage that will make their next trips more convenient.

Posted on May 08 2015