The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Transportation

Congratulations are in order; you're getting hitched! Selecting transportation for your big day requires more thought than just the look and style of your ride. Follow our directions on hiring your perfect transportation service.

Don't: Wait until the last minute to book your vehicle 

Don't wait until the last minute, reserve your car at least six months before your wedding if possible.

Do: Offer rides to the bridal party.

Riding together guarantees you all arrive at the ceremony at the same time. 

Do: Consider shuttling guests if your budget allows.

If your wedding guests are out-of-towners, it's a thoughtful gesture to offer rides. Plus, guests will be able to enjoy all the reception festivities. 

Don't: Forget to get a headcount.

Add a message to your RSVP cards asking who's interested in day-of transportation. This number will also influence which mode of transport—a trolley, school bus, van—best fits the size of your crowd.

Do: Ask about discount packages.

Don't be afraid to ask your transportation company about potential discounts if you book one or more services such as a bachelorette party as well as wedding day festivities. 

Do: Read the contract before signing and paying a deposit.

The agreement should list all the details, including hourly and overtime rates, cancellation fees, deposit due date, types, color, and the number of vehicles you'll be renting.

Posted on Sep 09 2019