The Best Tips for Your Wedding Day Transportation

Are you looking forward to your upcoming wedding or are you helping someone you love to prepare for theirs? Whichever the case, you’ll probably agree that setting your transportation straight will help to ease any possible hiccups on the big day itself. There needs to be a wedding transport for the happy couple, and you’ll also want to ensure that all other family and friends arrive at the wedding venue on time.

When it comes to ensuring that your wedding day needs are met, our Chicago ground transportation service can help with that. We’re no strangers to helping to plan and prepare for big events, and we understand just how important this milestone is. In fact, if you’re unsure of just how to go about arranging for transportation on the big day, just look at some of the tips we’ve provided:

Know When to Book

You should definitely avoid waiting till the last minute to book your transportation, especially if you intend to hold your wedding in the busy period (prom and graduation season) of April to June. Four to six months is the usual safe amount of time to get your hands on your dream ride, but if you really want to lock down something special, you might need to make your reservations even earlier before it’s taken up.

It’s All in the Details

Do be sure to contact the limo company the night before or the morning of your wedding to remind them of your prearranged schedule. To make things all the more smoother, you should also provide them with all the details of the people whom they will be ferrying around, such as their names, phone numbers, as well as their pick up and drop-off addresses.

Give Each Trip Enough Time

Never put yourself in a position of having too little room to maneuver on your wedding day, and we’re talking about setting a strict and tight schedule for everyone. Things will seldom go smoothly all the way, so don’t add to your stress levels by tightening the noose. Give each ride for everyone an allowance of 20 to 30 minutes. This way, everyone will feel a lot more relaxed and less uptight.

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle

Getting the right transportation company for your needs does away with unnecessary headaches and stress. After all, you’ll be looking for a suitable car for you and your partner to-be as well as everyone else who needs transport for your special day. It’ll be good if you can determine just how many people require transportation assistance on that day itself. You can also discuss your preferences and concerns with the experts in order to figure out the best deal for you.

Get an Accurate Headcount

There will be some people who would prefer to drive or get to places on their own, but if you’re able to provide a safe and comfortable alternative, you can always suggest it to them. Of course, you’re not financially responsible for their mode of transport, but the least you can do is help them out in any way you can. For those who want a lift, you can help to compile their details to provide to the transportation company in charge of picking up and dropping them off.

On your special day, Pontarelli doesn’t want you to worry about the transportation showing up on time and the chauffeur’s dress attire. We understand the importance of your day, the planning and how important transportation can be. Trust our Chicago limo service to put your event transportation over the top.

Posted on Mar 12 2019