The Advantage of an Early Flight

business travel, travel, airplane, deals, hot dealsCatching the red-eye flight is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Leaving the house so early and having to try and perform while extremely tired is ineffective. There is also the chance that if one thing goes wrong you are going to be late. So why do people do it? This post gives you a few ideas about the many reasons why people take early flights, so you can make the best choice next time round.

More quality time

A massive reason to fly early is to spend as long as possible at home. If you’re not at home, the odds are your missing out on life. This could be a critical achievement for your children like a recital or important game; or it could be something your friends will only be doing once. Either way, you’ll miss it if you are not there.

Better deal

Flying early in the morning is normally a better deal financial, you’re much more likely to score an upgrade and if not, the seats on both sides are far likely to be free. The lines at security are shorter and the whole process can involve significantly less stress. Plus, there is no need to pay for a hotel.

Less chance that things will go wrong

Early flights are much likely to be on time than flights later in the day. Evening flights have been trying to catch up with the delays all day and are the worst offenders for lateness. It’s also much easier to get to the airport at this time of day than later on.

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Posted on May 07 2014