Summer Travel Trends

summer travel, travel, summer, trends, funWith summer just around the corner, peoples’ thoughts are turning to their vacation time. Many already have plans and, with the economy on the up, there will be an increasing amount of people looking to spend a little more and may be travel a little further this summer.

This short post gives you an idea on what exactly the trends are likely to be and the data is taken from a survey conducted by Survey Analytics Enterprise Research Platform.

Weekend getaway

During the downturn many Americans turned to shorter, cheaper getaways. This trend seems to have followed over in to slightly better times, with 43 percent of families saying they plan to use holiday weekends as vacation time. Indeed, the total number of families planning a summer vacation stands at 6-in-10, with the most popular location remaining the beach (32 percent of travelers questioned).

Serious outlay

The total amount people are planning on spending on vacation per person is also slightly up to $1,180 on average for the coming summer. That said, nearly half (48 percent) of all Americans questioned for the survey said that rising gas prices will affect their vacation driving plans.

City Breaks

More than 1-in-10 (13 percent) plan to vacation in a city this coming summer. Chicago, IL, tops the table as the most popular destination, followed by Orlando, Fl, and then New York for these many visitors.

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Posted on Jun 17 2014