Stay Healthy While Flying

travel tipsAirplane cabins may appear clean but in reality, they harbor all types of germs. Being thousands of feet above the ground, it becomes your responsibility to stay healthy while flying. While some people may look at you as being OCD, taking cautionary measures will prevent you from becoming sick. Remember, many of the same steps while flying can be used when taking Chicago airport transportation and after checking into your hotel.


Helpful Tips


  • Antibacterial Wipes—Multiple studies show that surfaces in airplane cabins have traces of Methicillan-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, as well as fecal matter. Prior to taking your seat, pull out the antibacterial wipes and clean the surface of the seat, arm rest, and food tray.


  • Appropriate Sneezing—When sneezing, always put your head in the crook of your arm. A single unprotected sneeze spews droplets up to 30 feet away, so to prevent the spread of germs, use the crook of your arm as opposed to your hands. The reason is that the same hand that blocks a sneeze will touch surfaces throughout the airplane cabin. If you notice another person sneezing without proper protection, turn your face away and cover your nose and mouth with a tissue for several minutes.


  • Stop Sniffling—Instead of sniffling, blow your nose to prevent microbe-filled mucus from going into your nostrils, where germs not only thrive but actually multiply. Rather than using a handkerchief each time you blow your nose, use a new tissue that is promptly discarded.

  • Remain Hydrated—Water is great for the skin and flushes toxins from the body, but when flying, it offers additional benefits. Make sure you drink an adequate amount of bottled water. Air inside a plane’s cabin is extremely dry, causing the throat, nose, and lungs to become dehydrated. In response, the body produces a runny nose that can host bacteria. Simply put, staying hydrated helps you avoid developing a runny nose, and can keep you from getting sick.

  • Seeds and Spices—Especially when flying overseas, you want to avoid eating certain foods while flying. Often, add-on ingredients like seeds and spices harbor bacteria. For example, bread topped with sesame seeds should be avoided.

  • Blankets and Pillows—Never use an airline blanket or pillow. Even if they’re packaged in plastic that indicates laundering, you have no clue who used the items before you or the germs they carried. Instead, bring your own small blanket and portable pillow.

Safety on the Road


In addition to staying healthy while flying, you want to stay safe when being transported on the ground. For optimal comfort and safety, the best mode of ground transportation comes from using a Chicago limousine service. The chauffeur of a limo service in Chicago is highly trained to handle all types of situations, thereby ensuring your safety.

Posted on Feb 09 2016