Sleep Better on the Road

sleeping, travel, road, business, business travelThe need for rest is one of the key defining aspects of humanity - it not only affects body functions and mental health but it plays a role in keeping the immune and nervous system working properly. When traveling for business the value of sleep can be even more important but is often more challenging to get right. This week’s post gives you a 3 ideas to make sure you sleep better and surer on your next business trip.

The value of a routine

Try go to bed at a set time each night and get up at the same time each morning because, when your body is used to a routine of sleep, it tends to align itself with that schedule and fall into sleep more naturally. This goes for weekends as well.

Have a food and drink cut off time

Eating and drinking (aside for something warm just before bed) can be a bad idea that’s likely to make it harder to get to sleep and isn’t exactly healthy either. This is because your stomach is having to work to digest what you’re taken on board and this will make it harder to drop off. When you do, the digestion will partially cease, so the food will not be fully digested. Try and cease consumption about 90 minutes before bed time.

Beware of screens

The proliferation of artificial light in the modern hotel room can be a bad thing as far as quality sleep is concerned. If a screen flashes or light blinks (smartphone message, for example) it may be disrupting if you’re asleep. If you’re not and you get mail or another form of communication, you’ll almost certainly want to read it before you sleep; again this is rest destroying disruption. This can keep going on. It’s best to give yourself a digital buffer to allow you to get some good quality rest.

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Posted on May 28 2014