Simple Tips on how to Decorate your Wedding Limousine

Nothing says, ‘Just Married’ like a meticulously decorated limousine. This is arguably the most common scene in weddings across the world; a newly married coupe riding away in a creatively decorated vehicle with the words ‘Just Married’ on the back window. Well, our Chicago limo specialists think decorated wedding limos are an iconic scene and, for that reason, we came up with the idea of creating a list of some of the simplest ways you can decorate your wedding limousine.

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The following are a few simple pointers on how to best decorate your wedding chariot.



Spice up your wedding limo by adding some colorful balloons to the exterior of the vehicle; nothing says celebration than a few colorful inflatables. Most limousines will come in a single, standard shade, and to add some life to it, you might have to take things into your own hands and modify the vehicle’s appearance as long as all the balloons match the color scheme of the event. One of the easiest ways to do this is by attaching some balloons on door handles and antennas.



Ribbons are yet another simple add-on to your wedding limousine; these effortless decorations offer an elegant look to your wedding vehicle and are surely going to appeal to any person who sees you driving by. The best thing about ribbons is that they come in a variety of colors, from the brightest to the subtlest. Additionally, you can twist them into different shapes such as bows and stick them on prominent parts of the vehicle, for example, the hood or the roof.


Paper Flowers

This is another easy but effective way to decorate your chariot. Gather your buddies and take the time to create paper flowers that you will dangle on various parts of the vehicle including antennas, door handles, and so forth. There is an innocence and simplicity that paper flowers possess, truly bringing out the sacredness and beauty of the event to anyone who sees your vehicle.

On your big day, Pontarelli doesn’t want you to worry about the transportation showing up on tine and the chauffeur’s dress attire. We understand the importance of your day, so trust our Chicago limousine service to put your event transportation over the top.

Posted on Nov 20 2018