Security When Traveling Overseas

business travel, travel, safety, safe, businessSecurity while traveling overseas for business can be daunting. It’s very broad ranging, covering everything from data loss to personal safety. With a little bit of preparation and a little knowledge it is however, very easy to minimize the risks and that’s where this week’s post comes in.

Check out your destination

We live in an ever changing world; places, that were relatively safe last year, can be dangerous this year. It would be very challenging to maintain a sense of how safe each possible destination is. Fortunately, the State Department does this for you. Just have a quick look at their site to see where is safe and where is not.

Spending a short period reading up on your destination will prevent you from appearing like a confused traveler and thus being targeted by local criminals. It will also stop you from wandering into the less safe parts of the city

Stay safe

A good rule is to stay in the largest and most expensive hotel that you can find. These sort of places will spend more on security and be generally more secure. You should ensure that you are staying in the sensible parts of town. A good hotel should not be in a bad area but check anyway.

Don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose

The likelihood that your bag will get lost or stolen is proportionally higher when traveling overseas so you should really not bring anything with you that you cannot replace. Similarly, data should be encrypted, laptops password protected and only bring documents that you need for your trip.

Insured is assured

Business insurance for travel to riskier parts of the world can be a complicated business. You need to ensure that in addition to the usual features, you also have appropriate health cover and medical evacuation back to mainland USA.

Organized ground transportation

You most vulnerable just after you have arrived in a new area. You’re not yet accustomed to your new surroundings and even the most experienced individual is likely to be partially overwhelmed and unable to process all the new information. For this reason we suggest the services of a professional ground transportation company. Do not take a risk in the first half an hour of your stay and use a U.S. based company that has carefully vetted local partners.

While we can’t offer you any sort of assurance that your whole trip will be safe, Pontarelli Transportation can guarantee you world class ground transportation to support your travel. Based in Chicago and offering services in our home city and, through our affiliates, across the world, we strive to offer nothing but the best quality of service for our many treasured clients. We can offer options for all budgets and occasions so call us today on 800-322-5466 to see if we can give you a better deal.

Posted on Apr 23 2014