Schedule Management Tips When You travel

When your business takes you away from the office it can be difficult to continue efficiently managing your packed-out schedule – but help is at hand! Follow our top tips below for easy ways you can make sure that you stay organized, even when you travel.

  • Synch your appointments across devices

If you book in a new meeting on your smartphone, you should ensure that you have your calendars synched across other accounts and devices too – that way, any changes will automatically populate so that nothing is missed or confused. If you are unsure whether you already have this set-up speak to the IT department at your workplace who will be able to assist.

  • Have someone back in the office to co-ordinate

While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, there will be occasions when Wi-Fi will be unavailable, you can’t log on to remote servers from your laptop, or your LTE network will fail you. Always make sure you have a designated member of staff back in the office who can help you with any scheduling and diary management requirements whilst you’re away. Brief them fully before you travel, make sure they have access to your calendar, and then instruct any clients or co-workers who they should contact if they can’t get hold of you. You should stay in touch with this member of staff on a regular basis and co-ordinate any changes to your schedule that may require access to systems you do not have while you are travelling.

  • React quickly to any changes or delays

If a client cancels tomorrow’s meeting, or your flight out to meet with co-workers at another regional branch is delayed, then make sure you react quickly and update your plans accordingly. When you are away from the office your team and co-workers rely on having an accurate record of your plans and it could cause confusion or even the possibility you may miss out on other opportunities if you fail to keep details up-to-date. If you are unable to make the changes yourself then get in touch with your office as soon as possible so they are aware of the situation and can field calls and emails or schedule alternative meetings as necessary.

  • Check in with clients and co-workers regularly

It is imperative while you are out of the office that you stay in touch with others who are impacted by your movements. Update clients yourself, if you can, on your progress while you travel, and make sure they are aware of your schedule requirements to avoid any negative impact on other plans you may have. Even if your travel is going to plan, call or email in to your office to check that nothing has changed and that you are still on track with your current schedule. Regular communication is key to effective schedule management when you are on the move.

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Posted on Jan 23 2018