Revealing the secrets of our success

Many factors determine whether you will succeed or not succeed.  Luck, opportunity, ability and timing are several such factors, but aside from these, there are many things that you can control and make it work with you.

Have a positive attitude

Think positive. The results will come from this action. Having a positive energy will practically infect all those around you enabling them.


Take responsibility

Don’t make excuses for failures, face it all and accept, better yet learn from it. Don't hide from failure because it has a funny way of coming back.


"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

Be a great person, say what's relevant and most important, stay away from gossip, materialism and focus on what you can grow.


Embrace change

Change is good. Without it, there is no growth, and without growth, you experience stagnation. You what stagnation means to your competition? A chance to surpass you.


Always keep an open mind, look to always be learning and growing

Limit your TV time and find great book that inspires you, listen to others and don't act like you are a know it all, be open to new ideas


Live by the golden rule

Treat others as you would like them to treat you.  Don’t criticize, Compliment people and don't hold grudges, forgive those that make mistakes.

Give credit where credit is due. Be grateful for those around you and always treat them with dignity and respect.  Your happiness and the happiness of those around you is crucial for success and growth. Maintain that positive energy, see number one.


Set realistic long-term and short-term goals

KISS - keep it stupid simple, don't worry everything tends to complicate anyway.

Keep a goals list. Write down what you want in life, for your business and your team and where you see yourself in three, five years.  People who have no vision and no goals have no destination.

These are the little steps that counted on our way to up; it's not much but if used it will certainly help.

Treat people well that includes you, set goals, keep an open mind and always stay positive.  Many things determine whether you will find success, but these are things you CAN control and maximize your chances.


On November 17th, 2016 our customer service dedication and commitment were recognized. Pontarelli Chicago Limo Service takes home the LCT Magazine 2016 People’s Choice Award in Innovation celebrating 40 years of Excellence.

We design and use sophisticated computer software to maximize customer satisfaction. We implemented programs like Virtual Fleet and Chauffeur Direct to help the company operate as efficiently as possible.

During the past 40 years, Pontarelli has maintained a commitment to provide the best car service Chicago. Our chauffeurs, maintenance crew, and office personnel strive to ensure that we surpass every customer's expectations.

Limo Service Chicago is not just a service that survived the market, is a service that was created and maintained by a team of hard working people that only had one goal - to be a successful, innovative highly appreciated by its customers, business.

Posted on Dec 06 2016