Relax and Unwind at These Gorgeous Beaches Worldwide

If you’re looking for a way out of your daily grind, might we suggest a tropical getaway? Just imagine clear skies, pristine waters and sandy beaches welcoming you into their warm embrace. If this appeals to you, and we don’t see why it shouldn’t, you’ll want to start planning your next trip soon. There’s plenty of stunning options worldwide, and we’ve taken the liberty of listing down our top favorites just for you below:

Reynisfjara Beach

There’s just something truly mythical and otherworldly about black sand beaches, and it’s probably because they feel so different than our usual white ones. Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland is one of the best examples of this type of beach, and the views here are simply stunning. If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones”, you’ve probably seen it in one of their episodes in Season Seven.

Diani Beach

Lazing in a hammock is one way to while the time away, but here at Diani Beach in Kenya, there’s plenty more for you to enjoy and experience. Visit the coral mosques, venture into their sacred forests, or maybe even drop by the monkey sanctuary for some good ol’ bonding time with nature’s creatures. Whatever your preference, this beautiful location is surely a great place to consider for your next trip.

Seven Mile Beach

The Cayman Islands boasts plenty of drool-worthy spots, and Seven Mile Beach is definitely one of it. The whole stretch is open to the public (so yay!), and you can easily access the beach from any hotel or accommodation nearby. There are tons for you to enjoy and experience here, and that can range from snorkeling in Cemetery Reef and jet-skiing, to playing volleyball with the locals and trying out the local cuisine.

El Nido

White sand beaches have plenty of allure on their own, but what if you had to choose from 50 all in one area? At El Nido in the Philippines, there’s plenty of space for tourists and locals alike to enjoy their brilliant white sand and amazingly clear blue waters. If you’re a fan of sunset-watching, you’ll definitely want to experience their life-changing one here.

Radhanagar Beach

It’s one of Asia’s most famous beaches (and India’s, of course!). There’s plenty of people that flock here all year round to enjoy its bleach-blonde sand and clear waters, so you might need to walk in a little further from the main entrance and stalls for more quiet time. Otherwise, you can also opt to come earlier in the morning and even on weekdays for more peaceful surroundings.

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Posted on Jan 22 2019