Pontarelli and Duty of Care

The ground transportation is a complex industry, and there are some decisive factors that make the difference between companies: safety, comfort, insurance and licensing. Our obligation is to ensure the safety of our clients, and we put all of our efforts to gain their trust.

Even though technology and innovation are perceived as the most important when booking, clients’ comfort and safety are the pillars of every well-trusted company, especially of a ground transportation one.

In fact, what is the duty of care?

As Kevin Iwamoto, GoldSpring’s Senior Consultant, said, duty of care represents a complex concept, and in the lines below we are going to underline some of the most important aspects of his speech:

  • Duty of care means making sure that a third-party partner (for example, the travel manager) is able to provide safe services no matter the type of travelers and he can report their needs, especially if they are going to a high-risk destination.
  • Duty of care means having a plan in case of emergency, no matter the type of emergency – natural disaster, social unrest, economic collapse. It is the transportation provider’s duty to offer its customers a safe ride.
  • A good communication plan is critical for travelers so that they can know who to contact for different problems. It would be great to make the contact details available without needing an Internet connection.
  • Duty of care means educating your clients through smart communication – apps, web pages, blog posts, Social Media and even more formal policies.
  • Duty of care means having a traveler-tracking program, especially if we are talking about high-risk trips. Even a small change from the established itinerary can affect the client’s integrity and safety.
  • Duty of care means being ready for unexpected situations. It is crucial to know what to do in an event of an emergency situation so make sure travelers have their insurance available. Be prepared to handle a crisis situation so you can offer your clients a hotel room or a plane ticket in case a mass evacuation.
  • Duty of care means having a totally involved team, from professional chauffeurs to HR and management departments. All your team members should share the same values – client’s safety.

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Pontarelli Chicago is a strong advocate for “Duty of Care”, we consider that a must. We make sure our services achieve the highest standards possible through strict policies.

At Pontarelli Chicago limousine service, our events transportation department has the expertise to help you plan the transportation service for your next meeting. Your department team leader will work with you, focusing on every detail from the concept to the final billing.

We have a dedicated events coordinator, and he will make sure that the transportation to your next event runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Posted on Oct 19 2016