Pontarelli Chauffeur Tips: The Dangers of Trying to Drive While Tired

limo service chicago, chicago limo, shuttle serviceDon't just hop into a rental car at the end of that red eye flight. Studies have shown that driving while tired can actually be more harmful than driving while drunk. The dangers of driving while tired has recently been catapulted into public consciousness on the wake of actor Tracy Morgan's accident, which involved a truck driver who had been on the road for nearly 24 hours.

Can You Fight Being Tired?

A study conducted by DME Automotive found that many exhausted drivers would attempt to fight their exhaustion with a variety of methods. These methods included:

  • Consuming caffeinated products.
  • Opening windows or car roofs.
  • Exercising during a stop.
  • Listening to loud music.
  • Blasting the air conditioning.

Unfortunately, the majority of these tricks simply don't work. The only solution? Leave your driving in the hands of a well-rested driver or simply get some rest before you embark on the next leg of your journey.

The Dangers of Driving While Tired

When you drive while tired you stop paying attention to the other cars around you and to the environment itself. You may feel as though you have been watching the road the entire time and yet not recall the last ten miles that you traveled. Your mind simply stops processing events and "shuts down" without you realizing it.

Even worse, driving while tired can substantially slow down your reaction time. You don't even need to be the cause of an accident for your exhaustion to play a role: if someone else is driving erratically and swerves into you, you won't have time to react.

Driving While Tired During Trips

Travel can be an exciting but stressful time. Many people who travel experience jetlag or simply cannot get a comfortable rest due to excitement or due to their new surroundings. You may not even realize exactly how tired you are until you get behind the wheel. A combination of exhaustion and not knowing how to navigate unfamiliar streets could be both dangerous and deadly.

How can you avoid the dangers of driving while tired? There is only one answer: don't do it. If you feel that you are too tired to drive, it's better for you to arrange a car service. Your own safety and the safety of others may depend upon it.

Posted on Jul 24 2014