Places to visit on your first trip to Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is one of the most popular destinations in the world due to the lively environment that is rich in the arts. For those who are planning on visiting the location for the first time, there are plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy. When creating your itinerary, there are a few places to visit and include in your travel plans to create new memories.

Navy Pier

Take a long walk on Navy Pier, which is 3,300 feet long on Lake Michigan and is considered to be a landmark in the city that first opened in 1916. You can explore over 50 acres of shops, parks, and restaurants to have a bit of fun right near the water after taking a ride to the location with Chicago limo rentals, that Pontarelli is proud to be able to offer to you.

Shedd Aquarium

To get an educational experience and learn more about marine life, visit Shedd Aquarium where you can get a firsthand look at exotic creatures while taking in the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Over 32,000 animals are present with dozens of creatures that can be touched at various award-winning exhibits that are available.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Perhaps one of the most popular places to visit in the city, The Art Institute of Chicago showcases everything from postmodern art to ancient Greek artifacts for those who want to view different types of art in an expansive setting. It's considered to be one of the best galleries in the world with the world's best French impressionist collection, including a large collection of American classic art and can be visited by using a car services in Chicago.

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is recognizable around the world and is a staple in Chicago, which is a sculpture in AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park. Many people can be found taking photos of themselves while viewing the reflective surface of the fixture, which was inspired by liquid mercury with its design. The sculpture weighs 110 tons and is 33-feet tall, making "The Bean" a staple in the city that is hard to miss when you're exploring the area.

Wrigley Field

Attend an old-fashioned baseball game at Wrigley Field, which is located on the north side of the city and is home to the Chicago Cubs. The field first opened in 1914 and is a historic location in the U.S. that features a manual scoreboard and brick walls that are covered in ivy. You can root on the team and order a hot dog while cheering in the stands and enjoying a traditional game that allows you to experience the exciting culture of the city.

Millennium Park

Walk through Millennium Park where you can roam over 24 acres of green space and attend an outdoor theater where various shows and performances are hosted throughout the year. The location features beautiful sculptures and free fitness classes for those who want to stay active in an outdoor setting with other locals. During the summer, open-air movies are featured where you can sit on the grass and take in the beautiful views of the skyscrapers in Chicago.


Posted on Dec 21 2016