Our Commitment to Duty of Care

On October 6, 2018, 17 close friends just wanted to have a memorable birthday party at an upstate New York brewery. The first bus they hired broke down before arrival and they got a stretch limo as a last-minute replacement. Unfortunately, the driver lost control at a dangerous T-intersection in Schoharie, New York and crashed into an unoccupied SUV. All 18 people in the limo lost their lives, along with two bystanders.

This tragic incident has become a topic discussion among the lawmakers. There are now considerations to formulate more regulations on limousines to ensure the safety for its users and the public. Customers of limo companies equally want to know if their safety will not be compromised. In this light, we implore our customers not to panic. At Pontarelli, we take safety very seriously and follow good practices to safeguard our clients’ well-being and welfare.


Professional Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs go through stringent background checks before they are hired. They are screened for personal and commercial certifications, criminal record, drug and alcohol, and DMV. Once hired, our chauffeurs are given classroom and field training on safe driving skills, customer relations, and defensive driving skills. This ensures that our customers have a capable chauffeur behind the wheel at all times.


Modern and Well-Maintained Fleet

Pontarelli owns an excellent fleet of modern vehicles, regularly serviced to keep them in excellent condition. We discard vehicles once they develop persistent mechanical issues. In July, a total of 12 new 2018 model vehicles were added to our fleet. All our vehicles meet both state and local regulations governing licenses and inspections. Our vehicles are road safe and have never been involved in a crash. Our fleet is fitted with high-tech designs to provide a classy and safe trip for our customers.


Protection of Sensitive Customer Information  

We are very concerned about the security of sensitive information of all our clients. We employ administrative and electronic measures to prevent destruction, loss, and breach of personal data in our possession. In the event of a data breach of which we are aware, our clients will be informed effectively. We only share our clients’ personal data with trusted third parties who value confidentiality as much as we do.


Customer Feedback

This is why we are able to improve our services and consistently satisfy our clients. We give our clients the opportunity to give us their opinion of our service through our customer satisfaction surveys. This way, we get to know where we need to improve or add a new feature to ensure the safety and welfare of our clients. We have done a great job of this for more than 30 years. Which is not surprising that we have a rating of 4.7/5 from a poll of over 2,751 customers.


Wrapping Up

Our Chicago limo service is committed to practicing the proper duty of care obligations to all our clients. Our professional chauffeurs and state-of-the-art vehicles have given us our reputation as the #1 transportation company in. A reservation with us ensures a safe and classy trip to your destination.

Posted on Oct 30 2018