How to Organize a Successful Business Trip for Your Boss

If you’ve been tasked with organizing you boss’ next important business trip it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you make sure you have covered every angle to ensure the trip is a success? Fortunately we’ve put together a one-stop shop of tips and ideas to help you with the most crucial aspects of the planning process. Your boss will be thanking you on their return!

  • Book flights early

Good flight times on popular routes will sell out fast so make sure you get in there early. Coordinate with your boos beforehand so you know the times that will work best for them, and ask them if they mind whether the flight is non-stop. Direct flights are usually preferable but your boss may be amenable to a stopover if the flight times are more convenient – just make sure you check with them first so there are no unwanted surprises! Book an airport lounge if you can too – that way they’ll be able to relax or do some work before they fly.

  • Reserve a good hotel

Do your research and don’t just go for the obvious. If your boss is heading to a conference then the organizers might be promoting a special deal with a particular hotel, but check around in case there are others in the local area offering a similar (or better) deal and always ask for a complimentary room upgrade when you book – if your company uses a hotel chain regularly or you are making a booking for a group you may well be able to get one. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

  • Book meals

Don’t let your boss worry about finding a decent restaurant in an unfamiliar city after a long day working or travelling – ask them what time they would like to eat each evening and how many people they are expecting and then make reservations on their behalf. Just make sure you know what kind of cuisine they prefer or if they have any allergies or dietary requirements before you go ahead. If your boss would prefer to keep things flexible then do your research and provide them with a list of suggestions so they can pick for themselves once they arrive.

  • Put together a schedule

Once you have organized the majority of the trip you’ll need to start putting together a detailed schedule to share with your boss. Show how meetings and other commitments fit in with travel and eating arrangements, and outline where they have free time so they can easily identify this and book in other commitments if required.

  • Book reliable ground transport

Whilst they’re away you want to be sure that your boss is being driven from the airport, to meetings, or out to dinner with the minimum of fuss and hassle, and that’s where our Chicago car service will give you complete peace of mind.  Our professional, reliable chauffeurs will work with you to ensure that your boss can get where they need to be in a timely manner and in the upmost comfort and luxury.

Posted on Dec 12 2017