How to Navigate O’Hare International Airport like a Pro

Follow These Tips to Navigate Like A Pro Through O’Hare International Airport

Spending too much time at it airport is, for sure, not on your bucket list, especially when we are talking about O’Hare International Airport. Since Chicago is one the most important business oriented cities in America, you may need the following tips to survive your next trip to the Windy City if you are landing or if you are leaving from O’Hare Airport, located on Chicago’s northwest side and known as one of the busiest airports In the world.

Choosing your flight

When planning your trip and choosing your flight from O’Hare airport, take into account that this airport is known for delays, which means your plane will leave later than established. So, if you are planning a business trip, take this into account when scheduling your meetings.

As Huffington Post related, if you want to avoid delays, you can choose to fly with a larger plane, instead of a smaller one. Regional jets are delayed more than the bigger air crafts.

Tip: As during the evening the airport becomes more crowded that in the morning, we recommend you to choose the first flight out of the day and avoid all these inconveniences.

To keep updated with the changes in the airport, install the free application - GateGuru on your smartphone to receive updates on gate changes and other useful information related to your flight.

Eat Well

To make the waiting at the security lines more a little bit sweeter, at O’Hare you will find a great variety of restaurants inspired by Chicago’s own culture. So, if you have some time to spend, enjoy a good meal at one of your favorite restaurants before you fly. You can choose Tortas Frontera restaurant from Terminal 1, 3 or 5, or simply enjoy local flavors at Goose Island Brewery in Terminals 1 and 3. If you want to enjoy a good drink, choose the Publican Tavern, in Terminal 3, and make your trip more exciting.

Enjoy your Layover

It may sound odd, but O’Hare International Airport offers you so many interesting things to do so that waiting for your flight won’t be so boring. Why waiting at a cramped gate while you can visit an interesting art and culture display – as Butch O’Hare Exhibit in Terminal 2. Or you can exercise or relax at Yoga Room in Terminal 3, or you can fill in your time with a spa session at XpressSpa in Terminal 5.

Even if it is a busy airport, O’Hare International Airport offers you many shopping possibilities so, instead of wasting your time, you can buy some gifts for your loved ones.

And if you are going on a business trip, you can take a seat in a lounge and work at your presentation.

Choose Efficient Transportation

Finding a taxi at O’Hare International Airport is impossible, especially in rush hours. Don’t waste your time waiting for a cab and choose an effective transportation method – you can choose a Chicago airport shuttle.

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Posted on Aug 30 2016