Must-Have Accessories for Business Trips

Business trips can prove to be challenging due to the lack of resources that are available while you're away from home. For those who need to work while on the road or in the air, there are several items that may be needed during the travels. To ensure that you're prepared for your plans and have what you need on hand, there are a few must-have accessories to purchase before you depart.


Eye Mask

An eye mask will prove to be effective when you want a bit of shuteye while spending time in an airplane en route to your destination while you're on a business trip. The mask will eliminate any bright lights that may be present and can also make it easier to avoid waking up early when the sun comes up.


Neck Pillow

Allow yourself to get enough rest and reduce the effects of jet lag as you travel by taking a neck pillow with you while you're on the go. A neck pillow will provide enough support to rest your head on when you're limited on space and want to fall asleep in minutes.


External Battery

A high-capacity external battery is crucial to have enough power to charge your smartphone, tablets, or laptop while you're on the go and may not always have access to an outlet. This can make it easy to remain productive and continue working while flying in a plane or using our Chicago shuttle service when getting a ride from the airport to your hotel. Opt for an external battery that can fit easily into your briefcase or purse and has multiple USB ports to connect different devices at once.


Power Converter

If you're planning on traveling outside of the country, a power converter is essential to ensure that you can continue to use your blow dryer or phone charger in your hotel room due to outlets that may be different. Pack a converter that has multiple USB ports and outlets to ensure that you can continue to use your tools and devices.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

You're prone to spending time in noisy environments as you travel on a business trip, which can make it difficult to focus as you work on your laptop or get sleep when you're suffering from fatigue. Bring along a pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out the surrounding sounds to ensure that you can avoid being distracted while spending time on an airplane or in the lobby of your hotel.



Allow yourself to read the newspaper or a book as you travel with an eReader, which can make it easy to leave behind hard copy books that can add extra weight to your luggage or carry-on bag. An eReader tablet will be convenient to take on the go and is slim enough to fit into your briefcase to ensure that you can continue to read in the airport or while riding in a Chicago limousine to a business meeting.

Posted on Jan 17 2017