Making Your Business Conference a Success with Pontarelli Chicago

How Can Pontarelli Chicago Help You Make Your Business Conference A Success

The success of your company is often associated with the conference you are organizing as business conferences are the best way to present new projects, to motivate employees and interact with co-workers and partners.

The success of a business conference depends on many factors and planning such an event can be overwhelming. There are so many details the organizer has to take care of.

Here are some steps to follow to organize a successful business conference:

Choose the Right Venue

The most important step when planning a business event is choosing the location. Take into account the purpose of your conference, your budget, the number of participants, parking possibilities, public transportation, hotels, restaurants, and airports. Make sure the venue is clean, clear, friendly and comfortable in order to offer the attendees a pleasant experience.

Pay Attention to Necessities and Amenities

If you have a vision of your conference, then you should know what you will need during the conference: TVs, video projectors, audio systems, Internet connection, are a must have for every business meeting. If you intend to organize brainstorming sessions, then make sure the venue has a proper space for this type of group activities.

Visit the place and also make sure it offers proper restroom facilities according to the number of participants, and also services for persons with disabilities.

Snacks and Refreshments

Keep the participants at the conference happy with a breakfast buffet, a brunch or even a lunch buffet, depending on the purpose of the meeting. Snacks and refreshments are always welcomed at this kind of event, but you have to choose wisely. If you are organizing a meeting between co-workers, then you can opt for a light brunch, but if the conference is held for future business partners, you may want to serve something sophisticated. Finding a proper catering service is essential.

One thing is for sure, attention to details makes the difference between the success of a business conference and its failure. Make sure that the person delegated to coordinate the event can organize the finest aspect so that you can concentrate or business-oriented details – presentations, reports meant to help you achieve the goals of your conference.

Conference Transportation

Pontarelli Worldwide Transportation Service offers the best limo and shuttle services in Chicago so you can transform your business trips and conferences into a real success. We do more than just provide a ride to the destination. We offer a complete, personal service.

No matter the purpose of the event you are planning, there are always situations that can’t be predicted – delays, cancellations, missed flights and much more. When hiring our Chicago limo service, you receive your team leader who can face last minute changes and be there when you or your guests need the transportation.

We are the partner you can rely on. We can help you plan and coordinate travel and track flights, and we have a clean fleet of sedan, vans and other vehicles ready to meet your needs.

Plan your next meeting with Pontarelli Chicago and be there on time. Your own team leader will work with you during the entire planning process, and he will make sure the transportation to your next event is efficient.

We offer:

In-house events coordinator

Commercial and private aviation flight tracking

On-site event coordination

Triple reservation confirmation

Manifest management of any booked Chicago limo rentals

Custom billing options

Chauffeur Direct

Virtual Fleet

Posted on Jun 28 2016