Learn how to Stay Fresh and Relaxed on Your Next Airplane Trip

limo service chicago, chicago limoForced to breathe in recycled and what might seem to be stale air, putting up with cramped seats and noisy passengers and fatigue from jet lag after a business trip, it’s easy to see why passenger often become more weary from the ordeal. However, there are ways that you can keep yourself rested and refreshed, noted a recent article at Smart Meetings.

Sleeping is often hard in public, but if you’re already exhausted, you may be ready for a nap or even several hours of sleep on your next flight. Light sleepers should bring earplugs or ear buds to cancel out the noise. In fact, instead of listening to music or audio books on your device, you can play white noise.

Noise canceling headphones are another good option. Don’t crank up the volume too high, though, as you may not realize that you are disturbing any of your fellow travelers.

Anticipate that the cabin crew may not have any pillows or blankets to distribute to passengers. Many are cutting back on such amenities, at least on domestic flights. This is why you should consider bringing a comfortable and cozy travel blanket in your carryon luggage. Small pillows, especially those that provide support for your neck are also good to bring with you. Even if you don’t manage to catch any sleep, you’ll at least be able to relax better.

The dry air circulating in the airplane’s cabin will only exacerbate your own dehydration symptoms. Drink plenty of water during the flight. It’s best to avoid drinks containing alcohol or coffee, as these tend to dehydrate you even more.

To further cope with the dry air typically found in airplanes, you will want to bring moisturizer and lip balm. Apply it liberally to keep your skin from feeling uncomfortably dry or even rough.

Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carryon too, especially if it’s a long flight or if you will be eating a meal or a snack. Keeping your mouth clean will help you feel refreshed and it’s good for your dental health as well.

The team at Pontarelli hopes these hints and tips will help you have a more comfortable journey the next time you book a flight. Happy traveling!

Posted on Apr 23 2015