How to Keep Your Travel Plans Flexible and Still Get a good Deal

It is an experience that every traveler knows all too well – your plans change but your airline wants to charge an extortionate amount of money to cancel or alter your flight booking. Of course, these events are often out of your control, particularly if you are traveling for business and an important meeting is moved forward or delayed, but luckily there are some easy ways you can ensure your travel plans stay flexible, whilst still getting the best deal – read on for our top tips.

  • Book a flexible fare

If you are traveling for business and you know in advance that there’s a possibility your plans might need to change then consider paying a little extra for a flexible fare. These are often not extravagantly more expensive than a regular ticket, but will give you the peace of mind that comes with being able to change your flights cost-free. Just make sure you check with the airline how close to your flight time you are able to make any changes, and whether you can receive a refund if you choose to cancel your reservation (rather than simply alter it).

  • Call the airline directly

Sometimes it might seem impossible to change your flight online, especially if you bought your ticket through a third-party provider. It is always worth a call to the airline in this instance as their customer service representatives will know all the possible deals and will be able to give you a selection of options based on your individual circumstances. They are also able to offer other ticket change services that aren’t always available online.

  • Cancel quickly!

It might seem obvious to cancel your ticket if plans change dramatically, but if you look at the airline’s terms and conditions you might find that you can actually save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle if you act fast and cancel a booking within a certain period of time, often as much as 24 hours. Similarly, if you see a great fare but need to check your plans first, go ahead and book the ticket (so long as the T&Cs allow for free cancellation) and then cancel if you need to within the allotted time – that way you can take advantage of any low fares before they increase.

  • Check the cost for a new booking

Even though you might assume the cost of changing your existing flight booking is far cheaper than making a whole new one, you should always double check on this first. Often airlines drop their prices last minute and you may find that the cost of buying a new ticket (even with a different airline) will be cheaper than the rebooking fee airlines charge together with any cost difference of the two flights.


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Posted on Dec 19 2017