How to keep your money safe when you travel

Wherever your travels might take you and however careful and vigilant you might be, you can’t completely rule out the possibility that your money could get lost somewhere along the way. Follow our top tips to minimize your chances of getting caught out next time you travel…

  • Carry a bag with a zip pocket

Make sure your wallet is well secured within an inner pocket of a purse or other carry-on bag. As well as protecting it from being an easy grab for any thief, it will ensure that you are less likely to lose it in the hustle and bustle of travel. Try not to keep a wallet in your pocket if you can avoid it (unless you can secure it with a zip) as it could easily work its way out and avoid your notice in a busy airport terminal.

  • Don’t take too much cash

Try not to carry too much cash if possible – if you lose your wallet that’ll all be cash you won’t ever get back again. It will also appear less tempting to thieves if your wallet isn’t stashed full of bills! It is useful to have a small amount of cash on you to cover unexpected situations where you might need some handy, but just try to keep it to a minimum as much as possible.

  • Don’t carry all your cash together

Another way to avoid the inevitable risks that come with carrying cash is to spread the bills you do have over several different locations on your person and in your luggage. That way, if you do happen to misplace your purse or your wallet is lost, you still have some emergency cash available to you somewhere else.

  • Use a credit card

If your credit card is lost or stolen it is, of course, a simple process to call up your bank and have it cancelled so that it can no longer be used, but even if you don’t manage to catch it early you won’t be liable for any unauthorized charges that take place whilst it has been out of your possession.

  • Beware of banking apps

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t use them, but you should consider the possibility that your accounts are more easily accessible if thieves get hold of your cell phone or other electronic device. Make sure all accounts are password protected with a unique identifier, and don’t ever store password information on your device!  It is a good idea to keep an auto-lock on all electronic devices too – that way it is much harder for anyone to access your personal information or accounts if they do get hold of it.

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Posted on Jan 09 2018