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iOS 8 Features Perfect for Business

limo service chicago, chicago limo, shuttle service chicagoThe iOS 8 update has come amidst some controversy, but there are some things that business users will need to know -- both good and bad. Whether you have the newest iPhone or not, the iOS 8 update is still going to be relevant because it supports everything from the iPhone 4S on.

iOS 8 Slows Down 4S Significantly

If you or your employees have 4S iPhones, you might not want to update them yet. The iOS 8 update slows down the iPhone 4S -- to the point where you might have a measurable decrease in productivity. These delays may simply not be worth the update. As a note, however, if you've already updated your device you can speed it up a little by turning off animations in the settings.

iOS 8 is Inherently More Secure

iOS 8 is packed full of security updates, which makes it great for business users. iOS 8 has some device management features and the ability to add restrictions and fine tune application control, all of which is likely to make a lot of IT people happy. IT departments can even see when devices were backed up last, to ensure that data is not lost -- and data itself is protected much better.

iOS 8 Has New Productivity Features

In addition to new security measures, there are better security features. File transfers are now available, though they are only for those using OS X. Phones can now integrate better with each other; appointments can be sent to different calendars for other iOS users. The mail system has also had a significant update.

If you have any other questions about iOS 8, don't forget to stop by your friendly tech guy! Until a discussion, you might not want to update your devices just yet. Overall, the iOS 8 update is more secure and has a lot of new productivity features, but the problem is that the support for older versions of the phone is quite lacking.

Posted on Sep 22 2014

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