How to Improve Your Corporate Image

If you are a new business or a business going through a growth period, you may have begun to realize that your corporate image is not reflective of your success. Luckily, improving your corporate image is simple, and carries a large incentive. In today's market, busy consumers have little time to research every product or service that they buy, and research shows that most consumers will make even large purchases based upon a corporation's public image.

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1. Dress to impress. While it might seem like an obvious statement, many corporations have let their dress codes become increasingly casual over the past decade. Certainly, casual Friday is a favorite in offices across the country, but formal business attire is always the most appropriate when hosting meetings, seeing clients, or even traveling on behalf of the company.

2. Create coherent branding. If you don't have an in-house marketing and communications team, hire a contractor. Every email, letter, business card, and even in-person greeting should be neatly branded to reflect your corporation's mission, vision, and culture. You should also encourage all of your employees to have a waiting period set on their email server before actually sending off an email. Often, little grammatical errors or poorly chosen words can make all the difference when dealing with clients.

3. Choose a charity. Consumers are increasingly interested in the culture of the corporations from which they purchase goods and services, so choosing a charity is a simple, meaningful, and rewarding way to market your image positively in the community. For most industries, choosing a noncontroversial, broad-based charity has the most positive impact for corporations. If you only have regional sales, however, a local charity may be a good fit.

4. Stay out of politics (and make it a policy to stay out). Particularly for Millennials, blurring the lines between work and private spheres of their lives can be difficult. In order to keep your corporate image appealing to all, however, it is important to remain unaffiliated with any political party or specific politician. Encourage employees to either stay away from controversial politics or to create strong personal boundaries between work and private lives, particularly on social media platforms.

5. Finally, a winning way to improve your corporate image is to get out into the world and meet clients, potential clients, partners, and vendors. All too often, relationships stagnate. It is critical for all corporations to stay connected and fresh with all of their corporate stakeholders.

Posted on Aug 01 2017